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Shout Out to Trader’s

Okay, so I have to give a shout out to my peeps at Trader Joe’s in Shrewsbury. Quite simply, they’re all-stars. Let’s start with the fact that when I was pregnant with little monkey, the sweet guy who bagged my groceries stopped me before exiting to hand me a bouquet of flowers “for my blessed event.” That’s right. Flowers! How nice is that? Alright, at first I admit I thought Really, do I look that pregnant? And then I looked down. Yes, I looked that pregnant. As it turns out, that was the only bouquet of flowers I received during my pregnancy, and it was from anonymous Trader Joe’s guy. Thanks, anonymous dude. 

I’ve since taken Frederick back to the Trader twice. Always an adventure, shopping with the boy can go either way. He can devolve at any moment. Wheeling him around in his stroller, I cram as much as I can into a basket (and yes, into the stroller basket, too, which makes me a little queasy because I imagine it looks a tad shady). So anyway, if you’ve been to the Trader, you know they bag groceries for you, which is more than I can say for my local Stop and Shop; the bagging of groceries itself is a miracle event. But wait, there’s more! Both times, a TJ’s staffer has taken my grocery bags out to the car for me. Sounds a little Leave It To Beaver, right? Seriously, I didn’t know that happened anymore.  Now perhaps I looked a little more tired than the average shopper, a little haggard in my no-make up, barely styled hair state. Maybe they even felt a little bad for me. Hell, I’ll take the pity. Those folks at Trader Joe’s rock!


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One thought on “Shout Out to Trader’s

  1. What fun reading what you have to say. Laughed out loud a few times. Looking forward to reading more, even though I happen to be a little electonically challanged.

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