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Funky Noggin

My boy has a funky noggin. Hey, is it my fault he decided to sleep in the same position for weeks at a time? Okay, maybe it is my fault. So here’s the scoop: Boo Boo was diagnosed with positional plagiocephaly, a fancy name for “flattened head syndrome.” Personally, I find it somewhat odd that a syndrome has been assigned to the result of my child’s preference to turn his head to one side. To be fair, the flattening can have other causes, but in Boo Boo’s case, it was a sleeping preference. It looked something like this:

One day old...the flattening begins...

One day old...the flattening begins...








In any event, the noggin is funky. Check it out:

Funky Noggin

Funky Noggin







We tried “repositioning therapy” (fancy name for turning the kid’s head to the other side) for six weeks, but it didn’t make much of a difference. Solution? Boo Boo wears a helmet (a Hanger cranial band). Yeah, they try to call it a cranial band, but there’s nothing band-like about this puppy. This is what my guy looks like in his helmet (showing me a little cereal love, too):

Helmet Head

Helmet Head







He’s been going strong wearing it full-time for two weeks now. And just in case you think full-time means eight hours a day, you are so very wrong. Try twenty-three. 23. Twenty plus three. HOURS. It’s delightful. He’s been a champ about it, though. And today we took him to have his first set of measurements after wearing the contraption. Helmet Head rocked it out! He went from a 13 mm discrepancy down to 8 mm! That’s a huge improvement (and unlikely to occur ever again, we were told…spoilers). But who the hell cares? My kid’s head grew! Progress! Ya-freakin-hoo!

Now it’s time for the next step, which is blinging this thing out. I found a really cool company that makes custom vinyl decals for cranial bands. (By the way, some versions do actually look like bands; they’re made by other companies.) Can’t decide yet what I want Boo Boo’s helmet to look like…thinking of going with some monkeys. Whatever I decide, I’ll be sure to post photos! And just in case your little nugget is rockin’ a helmet head, too, here’s the link to the Bling Your Band (yes, that’s really what it’s called) blog: Happy blinging!


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8 thoughts on “Funky Noggin

  1. Megan on said:

    I love your blog about this. You have changed my whole opinion about my son getting his helmet on next Monday. I have been blaming myself over and over and worrying about what others will say (I don’t know why, because I’m not one to care) but it’s hard when it is your child.

    Your blog cracked me up and I love your point of view on this. I only wish doctors had listened to me earlier – we are starting his pretty late. It’s been a battle from the beginning.

    Thanks for the positives!

    • peasoutmama on said:

      Megan, thank you for your wonderful comment — truly made my day! I completely agree that it’s hard when it’s your child. I hope you were able to read the follow-up posts that track my son’s progress and our experience (check out the “Noggin” category on my homepage). Plagio is so common, though it doesn’t feel like it when you’re going through it yourself! I was thrilled with his results and wish you all the best with your son. Mine is now 2 years old and doing wonderfully!

  2. Kudos to you guys for sticking with the 23-hour schedule! I know it must be tough to watch him go through this. And the 5mm improvement is awesome! At what point do you get to take the helmet off? I can’t imagine they expect to see him go all the way down to zero. I’d expect progress to slow significantly as you get to 2-3mm, right?

    • peasoutmama on said:

      Hi all, thanks so much for the great comments! I think he looks pretty adorable myself! : )
      Josh, you’re absolutely right. It’s extremely rare to get down to zero, as that means a perfectly symmetrical noggin, and who has one of those, right? I’d be thrilled to get down to a two or three. As it is, I think if he started out with the current eight he has now, I don’t know if I’d have noticed the asymmemtry. And yes, progress is expected to be slow, but I’m thrilled he started off with great numbers. Helps me to trust in the process!

  3. Mary Kaelin on said:

    I’m so glad he is doing so well with it! 23 hours a day is ALOT of time! What a trooper! He is so adorable too! He looks like he is getting ready to sky dive or rock climb! 🙂 Your blogs are great! Talk to you soon!

  4. Bridget on said:

    What an awesome and positive attitude. He looks adorable no matter what he’s wearing! And – you might want to keep the helmet handy for when he starts walking – you should see Lucas’ bruises! Keep writing – love it!

  5. Hee! Funny and cute! Caroline had a funky noggin too and so we started calling her Plage. Her problem self corrected when she started moving around more so we could avoid the helmet. Seems like boys need them more than girls, for whatever reason.

  6. I still think he looks cute! I like the blog too!

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