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Adventures at Tower Hill

Gram and  Grandpa Kaelin visited yesterday, and the five of us headed out to the Tower Hill Botanic Gardens in Boylston, MA. Munchkin loves the great outdoors (clearly does not get this from me), so we thought this would be a surefire hit. And a hit it was! When we arrived, the little guy was already snoozing from the short 15-minute car ride (sweet). Popped him right into the stroller and naptime continued for another twenty minutes or so. When a snake slithered in front of us, I nearly ran him off the path, slamming the stroller into the brick-lined edging (twice). Still, Munchkin slept (whew). I lost a few points for my Mother of the Year award, but we managed to pass the snake unscathed.

And then he woke up:

Gram & Grandpa's Visit 9.6.09 011



Once the grogginess wore off, we got him out of the stroller to enjoy the fresh air, sunshine, and temps in the seventies. Just beautiful. 





Well, I’ve never heard such silence from the boy. As we walked the paths of Tower Hill, stopping to admire the plant life, he simply soaked it all in. We wandered through the Secret Garden, Lawn Garden, Cottage and Vegetable Gardens, and the Systematic Garden. Here’s a shot of Munchkin checking out these crazy things called flowers:

Gram & Grandpa's Visit 9.6.09 015Luckily, I managed to pull him away before he yanked off some petals.








Here are a few of my favorite pics:




Gram & Grandpa's Visit 9.6.09 003Gram & Grandpa's Visit 9.6.09 001Gram & Grandpa's Visit 9.6.09 014Gram & Grandpa's Visit 9.6.09 009



All of the fresh air tuckered Munchkin out, and he managed to fall asleep on the car ride home (sweet again).

I have to say, a major highlight to this whole adventure was the cost. I managed to plan ahead and pick up a pass to Tower Hill at my local library; the pass admits four adults for free. What would’ve been a $40 outing cost nothing at all. Ka-ching! Just one of the many reasons I love libraries! So the next time you’re heading out to a museum or other local cultural attraction, check with your library first. You might just save some serious cash, making the day even sweeter!


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2 thoughts on “Adventures at Tower Hill

  1. Haha. I love that photo.
    So pretty there! Can’t wait to go in the fall.

  2. Gorgeous photos! I am not an outdoorsy person at all but having kids changes that–the fresh air does indeed conk them right out!

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