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Take That, Fancy Baby Store

Like all new moms, I delighted (and am still delighting) in decorating the boy’s room. Shopping for home decor is like a game for me…lots of online browsing, price comparing, brief “do-it-yourself” ponderings. Rooms in my house are never finished. Each item is carefully selected. Window treatments, wall hangings, and rugs…oh my! I love it all.

But when it came time for a little wall art for Bugaboo’s room, anything I liked in the catalogs (ahem, Pottery Barn and Land of Nod) called for a home equity line of credit. Many months before the little dude was born, I was browsing a furniture store and spotted (no pun intended) some baby room art I loved. It was a framed print of a page from those Dick and Jane books. Remember those? Love ’em! (If you don’t remember, please don’t make me feel old by telling me that.) So the print was awesome…a big poster-sized picture of Spot…with the word “Spot” underneath in that fabulous Dick and Jane font. It would’ve been perfect for Bugaboo’s room, especially since his ‘rents are booklovers. The only unfabulous thing about it was the price tag quite unfriendly to this chica’s budget.

Then I got an idea. A do-it-yourself idea, no less. And one I might actually be able to pull off. So here’s what I did:

Step 1: Browse a couple of antique shops for an old children’s book with some good photos. I scored a book of classic fairy tales for $10.

Torn Out Page

Torn Out Page

Step 2: Choose three photos from book. Yes, this required tearing pages out of a book. And yes, I did take a moment of silence.

Step 3: Buy mats and frames for photos. Uh oh…minor glitch. Didn’t factor in that the book pages weren’t standard mat sizes. Will remember this next time I plan the easiest do-it-yourself project ever.

Step 3 Re-do: Go to Michaels (the crafts store) and order custom mats. (So not do-it-yourself, but even better looking.) Resist the urge to buy really cute paper I’ll never use. The three mats cost about $34 total.

Matted Page

Matted Page


Step 4: Go to Kohl’s and buy three really inexpensive good-looking frames for $32ish total.

Step 5: Assemble it all and hang ’em up.

Seriously, if I can pull this off, you can, too. I admit I had my doubts when I hit the custom mat snag. My cheapo project turned out to be a little pricier than expected. But the results are fantastic and one of a kind. And who can beat that?




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2 thoughts on “Take That, Fancy Baby Store

  1. I love the craftiness! Very nice mats!

  2. Gorgeous! I wish had your patience and craftiness! I’m also glad you took a moment of silence as you tore the pages out of the book 🙂

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