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Li’l Volunteer

Baby Boo participated in his first volunteer effort ever yesterday. Took him to the Walk to Cure Cancer at UMass in Worcester. Sure, we did the one-mile version, but hey, one of us can only tolerate so much. I won’t bore you with the details of just how much he cried. I won’t rant about the inept Worcester police officer who so graciously assisted me with crossing the street when the “walk” signal appeared. I mean really, what the hell? I had a screaming, tired kid and had to walk uphill half a mile just to get back to the car, and this dude just ignores us (literally looking the other way). And he’s getting overtime pay for this, right? Un-freakin’-believable. Just another reason the WPD irritates me. Okay, so I apparently had to rant.

And sure, Baby Boo did squat to fundraise. He just showed up, looking cute and soaking up the attention of other walkers. Here’s a post-walk picture of him in between crying fits. He’d been making eyes at the cute teenage girls operating the children’s tent:

Baby Boo at Cancer Walk

In spite of his less than desirable behavior, I’m planning to take him back next year. I figure it’s not too early to get the little dude involved in his hood. So maybe he’ll end up harboring irrational anger toward the WPD, but at least he’ll be making a difference, right?

Thanks to all who helped me exceed my fundraising goal of $250. I raised $290! It’s not too late to donate if you’re interested. Just visit my fundraising page at Peas out.


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2 thoughts on “Li’l Volunteer

  1. I’d been meaning to mention that I liked your little sign-off in this post way back. It may be dorky, but I vote for ending every post with “Peas out.” 🙂

  2. Mary Kaelin on said:

    That’s awesome Michelle! I am sorry Freddie couldn’t enjoy the moments more…but maybe by next year he will understand fully what he is participating in and be a much more content, happy boy! The picture is very sweet!

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