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Weekend Family Fun, Part One

My son is in love — with his Aunt Erin. Erin and Ray came to visit for the weekend, and get this…slept over! How psyched was my little guy to discover them at breakfast! Entertainment for another day! The joy! The rapture!  Now, I’d post a picture here of my little guy’s utter adoration for his aunt, but I haven’t secured permissions, and I’d hate to irritate my sister-in-law. That would just get ugly. So until I get the okay in writing, I’m not going there.

We started our weekend with a Saturday trip to the EcoTarium in Worcester, where (dare I say it without suffering the wrath of Worcesterites everywhere), I was, um, underwhelmed. You have to understand…I was raised on the Museum of Science in Boston where “it’s fun to find out what makes an ocean wave wave.” Oh sure, the EcoTarium had a simulated wave; it was just a bizillion times smaller. I was, however, pleased to have secured a discount pass from my library. Bonus.

Aside: I’m a little distracted here. As I’m writing, my midget genius is trying to cover himself with his playmat gym thingie. And then he’s getting upset about it, which I totally don’t understand. He does this all the time — puts himself in terrible predicaments and then gets all pissy like I had something to do with it.

I get the draw for kids. The playground was cool, though noticeably vacant. Odd. Some of the interactive exhibits are cool, too. Just make sure to have plenty of hand wipes available — holy germ fest, Batman. I swear I’m coming down with a cold; I’ve got a sore throat, cough, and the sniffles, and tickets to tonight’s U2 concert. Sad, right?

Anyway, the dancing wall (not a wall that dances, mind you) and the touchable tornado were my and the little dude’s favorites. The Bubbles exhibit was downright frustrating. I mean, if I, a fairly coordinated adult, was peeved at my inability to produce a quality bubble, how’s a tot supposed to feel? Oh — and Ray and I couldn’t even figure out one of the exhibits. Still don’t know what it was or what it was supposed to do. And I swear we followed the directions. That sense you have right now that you have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about? Yeah, that’s how I felt.

Jumping to Entertain Boo Boo at the Dancing Wall

Jumping to Entertain Boo Boo at the Dancing Wall

Boo Boo Fascinated by the Touchable Tornado

Boo Boo Fascinated by the Touchable Tornado

Ray and I Utterly Confused

Ray and I Utterly Confused

Apparently, I don’t care about irritating my husband or Ray by using their photos in this post. Hey, they can sue me for my student loan debt.

As far as the animals go, Kenda, the polar bear, was pretty awesome until I started actually thinking about her being a polar bear in Worcester — sans ice or friends. I could’ve done without the skunks. What was that about? The eagles were cool, too, but why didn’t they at least soar for us? Duds.



Lucky for me, Munchkin could’ve cared less about the lowlights. Aunt Erin was there. And he was in love.


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2 thoughts on “Weekend Family Fun, Part One

  1. Peg Kaelin on said:

    Okay, Gram Kaelin FINALLY had time tonight to go on your blog and I loved all the comments. Took me back to ‘those good ole days’ except that there were no ‘blogs’ . There were, however, frequent 1/2 mile drives to my friends Carol and Susie’s where we would drink about 6 cups of tea/coffee in the afternoon and commiserate about lack of sleep, the newness of Pampers vs the cloth diapers we had for the lst child, heating bills, maternity clothes, other Ladies Auxiliary Fire Dept members – which got us out of the house for 3 WHOLE HOURS once a month in the evening, pre-school calendars, desire to lose the ‘baby-weight’ while eating brownies with our tea, etc..
    Well, I have to leave this message now and go call My Mommy to tell her,
    “Hi, Mom, just wanted you to know that I picked up your babies and brought them to my house and they are all asleep. Sooooo, you don’t have to worry about them tonight because they are here with me and safe.” She will respond with a sigh of relief, “Ohhhhhh gooood. Thanks so much for all you do.” Then I’ll say, “I love you Mom” and she says, “I love you too!” And
    so you are RIGHT. ‘Once a Mom, always a Mom!’ Even with dementia, her heart is focused on ‘her babies’!!!!
    My mother-in-law, ‘Kappy’ told me early on that she had been told when pregnant with her first child “From the womb to the tomb!” And so the Circle of Life goes on. Let’s enjoy EVERY MOMENT OF IT!

  2. Mary Kaelin on said:

    I love your posts, Michelle! Although I must say I will have to come up with a way to better Aunt Erin so that Freddie can be mine again!!! 😉

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