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Weekend Family Fun, Part Two

On Sunday, we hit the streets of Worcester for StART on the Street. So here’s what I don’t get: Why is on the Street in the title? I figure the St in StART stands for street, no? Oh Worcester, why must you be redundant? 

Title aside, this is perhaps one of the coolest (and yes, free) events in Worcester. It’s even organized well, which delights and startles me all at once. Organized well? Publicized well? Run well? In Worcester? No freakin’ way!

In case you’re wondering what StART is and you’re too lazy to click on the link I’ve provided, it’s a street festival of artists and crafters selling their wares while performers entertain. There’s a food court and activities for kids (face painting, hands-on crafts, and such). Strolling the couple of Park Ave. (sounds ritzy…so not) blocks between Highland Street and Pleasant Street can take hours as you peruse creative merchandise of all kinds. Peruse is mostly what I do; remember, I’m a stay-at-home mom. I’m not in the market for pricey art and beautiful pottery. Erin (remember her? the love of my son’s life?) picked up a few things, including a pretty pair of earrings and a gift for a friend. I can’t say what the gift is…what if her friend is reading this? So likely, I’m sure.

Bugaboo had a blast at StART. His adoring public never fails to amuse him. I’m sure he got the social gene from my mom and mom-in-law, because it certainly skipped a generation with me and my husband. I mean, I’m all about the people watching (as is Bugaboo), but he likes to — get this — interact. Crazy child.

Taking a cue from my little guy, however, I decided to be a little social myself. Walking down Park Ave., my husband and I were drawn to the smooth blues of a one Jon Short, brother-in-law of a one Marie Hollinger Short (witty author of many comments on this blog, mother of an adorable little girl and another one on the way). Where is this all going? Well, Marie also doubles as my husband’s cousin. Here’s what you have to understand about my husband: He’s about as likely to approach a stranger as he is to swear off pizza for life. So I did. Really, I did, mom. You’d have been so proud. And it wasn’t the random grocery store You look so familiar that you’re so famous for. This one was legit. We knew the dude.

Jon was awesome — so sweet and seemingly pleased to have met us. He even gave us a free CD. How cool is that? I mean, he’s a little famous around these parts, having recently won the Turtle Boy Music Award for Best Blues Musician. What is Turtle Boy? It’s a statue in Worcester. Do a Google Images search. I’m not going there. So yeah, Jon was great. And so was our day. Bugaboo agrees.

Jon Short

Jon Short


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3 thoughts on “Weekend Family Fun, Part Two

  1. I’ve been a little behind on my blog reading, but was so pleasantly surprised to read this today. How wonderful that you met Jon! He’s a pretty nice guy, isn’t he?

    Love your blog, Michelle!

  2. Excellent! I was reading this and thinking, wait, I think Jon said he was performing there! Jon is a teacher by day (and Caroline’s godfather, too) so he always loves to meet the littlest fans.

  3. Very cool. Good for you, Michelle! And, um, tell Fred that once you have a child you HAVE to be more social. There’s no choice in the matter. The kids MAKE you, especially because they are so blessedly not inhibited in that way. Prepare yourselves now for when Freddie blurts out the many things you’d prefer that your immediate family, let alone strangers, not know about your everyday life. And as an aside, I’m thinking if there’s a relative connection then you’re not really meeting a stranger, but that’s just me. 🙂

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