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Noggin Crazy

I’m obsessed with my boy’s noggin. As you know, Bubba wears a Hanger cranial band to help get rid of a flat spot he developed from laziness preferring to sleep with his head to one side. As you also know, he wears this thing twenty-three hours a day, so during that one blissful hour, I’m obsessed, infatuated even, with his noggin. I check it for red marks, which I’m supposed to do; I’m not being neurotic. I rub his hair, which is slowly, slowly growing. I kiss every square inch. I am so intimately acquainted with the kid’s noggin, it might as well be mine.

So…today we went for Bubba’s second set of measurements since he’s been wearing this thing. Here’s all you have to know: He started out with a 13 mm difference, then went to 8 mm after only two weeks of full-time wearing. Hubby and I took our best guesses at what we thought the  number would be today. And I’m a little disappointed we didn’t actually wager anything. Yeah, that’d be because I was right. Bubba is now at 6 mm! This is awesome news! (In case you haven’t figured it out because your logical reasoning ability isn’t quite functioning properly, a zero is perfect, but pretty much unattainable as far as we’ve heard.) Do I know this noggin or what? Love it.

I know he’s not done with this “band” yet, but I think it’s time for a little before-and-after showing off. Here’s Bubba’s noggin before he started full-time wearing:

Noggin in August '09

Noggin in August '09

Here’s the noggin now:

Noggin September 09

Noggin September 09

Pretty freakin’ awesome, right? Man, I need to get out more.


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3 thoughts on “Noggin Crazy

  1. Good news! I can see the difference in the pics, cute little head!

  2. Lisa Feeney on said:

    I laugh a little cause of my husband… his story is different but interesting!!! He was number 6 of 9 kids and born to farmers. They were very hard working and life was different then… VERY different… They worked on the farm and the kids raised each other (don’t tell him I said that). Well when he was a baby his mom took him to the dr cause his head was flat on one side. While they worked he was often in the crib for long periods of time.. so the solution per the dr… just lay him on the other side and it will work itself out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! True story

  3. I am so with you sister! In fact, tomorrow morning Will and I are going to pick up his shiny new helmet! (With Tommy in tow…that should be interesting….I tried to warn them on the phone today…they promised to batten down the hatches!) Anyway, the poor boy does not know what is coming! Can’t wait to report back to you. I am so glad about FTF’s progress! Way to go!

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