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Fancy That: A Little Somethin’ Somethin’ for Helmet Head

In a previous post, I mentioned a blog called Bling Your Band; they make custom, super-cute decals for cranial remolding helmets. At $30, however, the purchase wasn’t in this chica’s budget. So I took matters into my own hands. I (gulp) did it myself. I’d heard that using stickers to decorate the helmet wasn’t a good idea. Since you have to clean this thing every day, stickers can easily wear off and look more ghetto than fabulous. But there I was, checking out the scrapbooking (gasp) aisle  at Target when I found these adorable monkey stickers. (I’m a little obsessed with monkeys, Bubba’s favorite book so far is Eight Silly Monkeys, and since he often behaves like a monkey, this was right up our alley. Guess what he’s going to be for Halloween.) Anyway, these stickers weren’t paper stickers. To be honest, I don’t really know what they’re made off. Perhaps one of you crafters out there could educate me and my readers. I decided to take the leap. For $.99, could I really go wrong? Sure, I could put them on the helmet only to have them peel off, look hideous, and ensure years of therapy for my son. But for less than a buck, I was willing to take the chance.

Then came part two: I went to A.C. Moore. Oh yeah. The craft store. But here’s the thing — I went with a plan. I wouldn’t allow myself to get sucked in, confused, or overwhelmed. I’d steer clear of the paper aisle. I knew what I wanted, and a quick consult with a staffer confirmed it. I went in planning to purchase Mod Podge (a kind of sealer, apparently) and something with which to apply it (the idea being that if I sealed the stickers, they wouldn’t peel off). As it turns out, there’s like a bizillion types of Mod Podge. Alright, not a bizillion, but it certainly felt that way. I went with the basic matte finish.

The A.C. Moore staffer assured me Mod Podge wasn’t water-soluble, meaning I could wash the helmet and the sealer would stay put. Well, I should’ve listened to my crafter friend (Holly) who said otherwise. The A.C. Moore chick led me astray. Okay, so I applied the cute little stickers and went to town with the Mod Podge. Everything was looking good. That is, until I washed the helmet and the sealer came off. But here’s the clincher: The stickers are fine. I did this faux craft project several days ago and all’s good. Now I don’t know if it’s actually due to the residual sealer left on the stickers or if these stickers are just magic, but I’m not asking any questions. All I know is I spent $.99 for stickers, $2.99 for a tiny jar of sealer and $.39 for the foam brush. I’d say I got more than I paid for, no? For a little over $4, my kid’s helmet pretty much rocks.

Okay, I confess I got distracted at A.C. Moore and purchased small wooden letters for my little monkey’s room (FWK — his initials). I couldn’t resist. But now I’m faced with the problem of painting them. Sounds simple, I know…but it never is.

My Little Monkey's Helmet

My Little Monkey's Helmet


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9 thoughts on “Fancy That: A Little Somethin’ Somethin’ for Helmet Head

  1. Lesia Zimmer on said:

    Love love the helmet!!! How do you color it blue? Is that the sealer? My lil guy Ethan is getting his on Friday & I want to have the stickers before then. doesn’t sound like the stickers stay on so I’d rather get my own like u did. I’m encouraged by all the cute ones I see & hope to make his really cool! Thanks for the advice!

    • peasoutmama on said:

      Hi there! Thanks for visiting! The helmet we got was actually already blue. We had a choice of some patterns, too, but I opted for the plain. (They also had white.) I imagine it varies by company. It was really so inexpensive to use the stickers, and honestly, I don’t even think the Mod Podge worked for this, but hey, I’m not a crafty chick! Good luck! And if it helps, my son is now four years old, and his noggin still looks great. Hang in there; it’s not easy, but so worth it in the end.

  2. traci on said:

    i bought the exact same stickers and didnt seal them and its been about 2 weeks and they r still there also got foil sticker and they work great. vinyl i think is what they are made of

  3. Love the helmet!! The monkies are sooooo cute!

  4. Lisa Feeney on said:

    I just started making my girls barrettes, the fancy ones!!
    I love the helmet… looks cool!!!

  5. jrfrong on said:

    Whoa dude, who ARE you?! You are inspiring me! I’ve been so busy and have been thinking of how lamo my boy’s helmet is—I might have to just check out the fun aisle at Tarjay! It looks awesome–coulda fooled me that you weren’t crafty!

  6. The helmet is adorable. Good work, Michelle! And I like the initials for his room… our grandfather was alwasy referred to as FWK.

    • peasoutmama on said:

      I have an old picture of Fred (as a kid), his dad and grandfather framed in Freddie’s room. It’s so cute. My plan is to get a shelf with pegs to put the frame and letters on. The beautiful blanket you gave Freddie is on a baby hanger on his wall, but I want to put the hanger on one of the pegs. I’ll have to post a photo once I get to all of that!

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