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Head Check

Took the little guy to see his friend Tim (the orthotist at Hanger) today to have the noggin checked out again. By the way, if your kid has a funky noggin and you live in the Worcester, MA area, go to Tim. He’s awesome. Anyway, this was our standard check-in appointment to see if my little muppet’s head has grown and shown any improvement. I wasn’t too optimistic. I mean, we’re talking millimeters here. I hadn’t noticed much of a change since his last appointment, so I figured if there was any change at all, it had to be a millimeter (maybe two) — something undetectable by even my adoring eye. But progress is progress, so I was prepared to break out in song (on the inside…I have a horrible voice, which, to my delight, my son actually appreciates) for any improvement at all. So (drum roll)…we’re down one more millimeter to five! Yeehaw! (Just had to exorcise my inner Southerner.)

I was recently on Hanger‘s new website and it’s way more informative about plagiocephaly than it used to be. I’d been looking for a good graphic for y’all (oops, there it is again) to show you how the measurements work. Don’t tell the Hanger people, but I’m swiping their graphic. Here it is:


Okay, so each time we go, Tim measures the two diagonals you see in the picture. The one from the upper left to lower right is the shorter one on my little guy’s head (as it is for this little guy in the pic). That’s where the five millimeters come in; that diagonal is only five millimeters shorter now! When we took Bubba for his first ever doc’s appointment with the pediatric neurosurgeon (still sounds scary), the original difference was 16 millimeters. This helmet was totally worth it. Actually, I’ll have to figure that out once we’re done with it…you know, divide the actual cost of helmet by the total number of millimeters to find out cost/millimeter. Then we’ll really have an accurate figure. (I’m kidding.)  

In three more weeks, we’re back to Tim’s office, and then two days later, back to the neurosurgeon for our three-month check. We’re hoping to bid the helmet a fond Auf Widersehen after that. (Actually, not accurate. Auf Wiedersehen really means something like until I see you again/we meet again. Once this sucker’s gone, it’s gone.) But I will wish it a fond farewell. Not only has it made my boy even more beautiful, but it’s saved him from any complications severe plagiocephaly can bring (hearing and vision issues, to name a couple). Rock on, little man. Just don’t bang your precious little head.




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One thought on “Head Check

  1. jrfrong on said:

    WAHOO!!! FTF is rocking the helmet! How funny that we went to Hanger today also, but instead of Tim, our guy’s name is JIm!! NO, I could not make this up. He’s a doll, too. He and Will have a cute little relationship—they really dig each other—it’s funny. Today Rick came home from work and asked him if he saw his buddy the helmet guy! Anyway, he didn’t move much at this appointment either, but the thing is totally working! Thank God for science geeks who can invent this stuff! I bow to them! (Now if they can fix someone’s misshapen head, what do you think they can do for my muffin top? Clearly, this is an untapped area!!)

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