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Head Banger

I broke down yesterday and made yet another baby purchase. I got a crib bumper. I know my boy is seven months old and these things are usually one of the first nursery purchases, but hubs and I had decided we didn’t need one. Add to that the controversy over their safety and I was very okay with not getting one. We just got a couple of fitted crib sheets and called it a day. But just a couple of days ago, hubs and I could no longer ignore the inevitable. You see, protected by his fancy schmancy helmet, noggin boy has taken to banging his head against the crib slats. Disclaimer: He doesn’t do this intentionally (we think). There is nothing “wrong” with him. He just moves around a lot (active, remember). But the banging is so loud and yes, disturbing, that we had to address it. We were feeling especially nervous as he’s due to ditch the helmet in a couple of weeks if all goes well. I’m thinking the head banging will yield quite different results once that happens. So there you have it — a crib bumper. Okay, I have to ask. Helmet or no helmet, did your kid(s) bang/bump their heads against their cribs? A little part of me does, in fact, think something’s a bit off.

First I hit Babies R Us to check out the bumper scene. The cheapest ones were $30 ($29.99, but whatever). What’s up with the $.99 thing, anyway? Psychologically, I am so paying $30, and I know times are tough, but I’m willing to sacrifice the penny. Well, I didn’t like the cheapies at BRU, so off to old faithful Target I went and found one I liked. It goes great with noggin boy’s room decor. (By the way, he is farting right next to me and smelling up the room…a little distracting. I can’t complain, though. He’s happy.) Anyway, the bumper is in the wash right now, so I can’t show you how cute it’s going to look in Boo Boo’s crib. Not yet anyway. I am, however, hoping for a relatively quiet night in the head banging department. I almost feel sorry for him. He’s not going to know what to do once this helmet is off. All off the cushioned falls and bumps will be no more. Just another thing for him to get used to, I suppose.


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4 thoughts on “Head Banger

  1. Lisa Feeney on said:

    I dont know if my girls did we had a bumber for all… They did do the backwards throw in chairs like Bridget (whose name I love) had metioned…

  2. first of i wanna tell you, your writing is great (=
    and second of… emily never banged her head as well… but she also always had a bumber in her crip, so i am not sure.
    i know she loves to bang her head sometimes unpurpose against something hard, such as a wall or piece of funiture… haha… oh well… i guess they all do it…

  3. None of my 6 banged their head against the crib, but then again none of them wore a helmet, either. Several of my boys did move around a lot in their sleep, though, so they would sometimes bang into the side of the crib ( with their body).

  4. Bridget on said:

    None of my kids intentionally bumped their heads on their cribs. That being said, all of them have had a short but aggravating period of time where they have felt it funny to throw themselves backwards over and over again when sitting on the couch or in their car seat or high chair. They loved to bounce their heads off of the barely cushioned area (at least in the car seat and high chair scenarios) behind them. I think the alarmed cry from their parents made it even funnier. So although there was that little part of us that was worried something was wrong w/ them the fact that they laughed while doing it combined with the short time span (3 weeks or so?) helped. He’s going to get lots of bumps and bruises and will be just fine. Unless (like his cousin Lucas) he’s taking after his Uncle Adam, who I believe had stitches in his head 3 times before he was even 3 years old. If that’s the case, well then, you’re screwed.

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