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Saving So Chic

I have to chuckle a little. When did saving money become chic?  Seems like everyone’s talking about saving the benjamins these days, and coupon clipping has become (dare I say it?) in vogue. I grew up watching my mom snatch the scissors from that mess of a junk drawer every Sunday after finishing the crossword in the TV Week. Snip, snip. Who knew my mom was so ahead of the times? And the word stylish never came to mind, I assure you. 

My mom was and is a coupon whiz. She knows where to find them and she’s not afraid to use them. She even shares these little pieces of happiness and delights in doing so. They’re all stashed conveniently in her car’s driver’s side door, which obviously makes sense; they’re right there when you’re out shopping. Heading to Macy’s? She’s got a coupon (or twenty).  [Side note: I can’t stand big department stores, but I’ve witnessed the power of the coupon at Macy’s. It’s no small wonder. Accompanied by my mom (because I won’t go alone), I once bought a name-brand, quality baby outfit for like $10. And she bought a bib for like $2.] Lunch at Bertucci’s? She’s got a coupon for that. Ann Taylor Loft? Coupon. Buy one get one English muffins? Yup (and she’ll even give you one because what’s she going to do with two whole packages of English muffins?). Talbots? Check. Diapers? Double check. I swear, I hardly ever shop without a phone consult regarding her coupon stash.  

At times, I think mom might get a little caught up in the delight of it all and purchase an item or two just for the sake of the coupon and the rush she gets from handing it to the sales clerk. Wait. Is my mom a coupon junkie? Maybe. But I’ll save the intervention for another day. Because for today, at least, in this recession, my mom’s shopping prowess is admirable. Fashionable, even. Tres chic.


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2 thoughts on “Saving So Chic

  1. Lisa Feeney on said:

    Go MOM!!!!!!

  2. jrfrong on said:

    Now I could learn a thing or two from your mom! I think we already know I have the best of intentions but lack the proper follow through! I admire her skills!

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