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Yo, Wha’sup

Pretty sure this is what Boo would look like the day he says, “Peace out, mama” and heads out the door.


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3 thoughts on “Yo, Wha’sup

  1. Hilarious. I am officially in love as I told you a million times. How is my baby boo…my little Freddie? I miss him already! And what will his Thanksgiving outfit look like? And why do I think he will never say Peace Out, Mama. But maybe, Peace Mom – I’m going to go play now with the 10 friends I’ve met in the neighborhood. 🙂

  2. Another bonus of having to wear his helmet is that he won’t mind winter hats! Love the pic.

  3. LOL. Tommy had a winter hat on inside the house the other day and sunglasses and Rick was like, “What up frat boy?” So funny. Love the lid!

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