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Holiday Baby Duds

If you read my post called “Let me tell you what you can do with that sweater vest,” then you know how I feel about the holiday clothing options available to little boys (or their shopping moms). You also know that for Bubba’s holiday photo card (truly one of the major bonuses to having a kid), I wanted what I thought was a simple outfit: dressy black cord overalls and a red button-down oxford with those crotch snappies. Again, what infant stays tucked? Seriously, people, why aren’t more of these shirts made? It’s a mystery.

If you haven’t figured it out already, I failed in my quest for the overall/oxford combo, and much to my chagrin, discovered almost exactly the pair of overalls I desired while searching for a Thanksgiving outfit at Babies R Us (and as luck would have it, after already choosing another outfit). Doh! I swear, someone was out to get me that day.

Anyway, in a stroke of fiscal kismet (wow, I really like how that sounds, but does it make sense?), I happened upon the Children’s Place outlet in Wrentham, MA. Remember I purchased a pair of dressy black cord pants in the event of a holiday fashion emergency? Well, I got them at the regular CP store for $9.99 (on sale). Got ’em in a 9 mos. size ’cause that’s what the little guy is wearing now. Still, I fear his limbs will grow major inches in just a month, so of course, I had to get them in 12 mos. size, too. How can you go wrong with black pants? Hell, I could use an extra pair in a bigger size. So here’s the scoop: snagged the 12 mos. size at the CP outlet for (gasp) $6.99 and a cutie little pullover sweater for $19.50 (totally not on sale, but whatever…I have needs). But get this: the check-out lady slid a 15% off coupon my way. Love her. Aside: I also scooped up a jersey pullover with those crotch snappie things for $2.97 (with coup). Oh yeah, you read that right. These are the things that thrill me these days. Total for holiday outfit (minus the obligatory onesie I always have on-hand): $22.51. Suh-weet.

Now you won’t be seeing these duds until the photo card comes in the mail…unless of course, I don’t know you. In that case, you won’t receive a card and will have to wait at least until December 26th to see Boo Boo in all his holiday glory. Oh — I also sprang for baby walkers at the Stride Rite outlet. They’re so freakin’ cute I can’t stand it; and being the former Stride Rite employee, I fit them myself. Those suckers were $19.99, but it sure beats the $39 I would’ve paid in the actual SR store. Please refer to “Kicking It Old School” for my confession to baby shoe snobbery.

I know you’re just so excited by my shopping prowess. Confession #2: I delight in a bargain. Mom’s not the only one who knows her way around a coupon. I have my stash with me at all times. You just never know when one’ll come in handy. I tell you, the joy never ends as a stay-at-home mom. Those coups are gifts that keep on giving. And just you wait ’til I share my bargain-basement finds for Thanksgiving duds. Oooh, the suspense!


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One thought on “Holiday Baby Duds

  1. Just so you know, Owen will be sporting those same black cords from CP 🙂 However, he will also be sporting the green striped sweater vest that was paired with it! 😉 Can’t wait to see you guys!

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