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Bizarre Holiday Gift of the Day

This doesn’t really have much to do with being a mom, except that I’m the poor sap who grabs the onslaught of catalogs from the mailbox each day. Our recycling bin has met with some serious action these days. This morning, I’m flipping through the Restoration Hardware mini-catalog that arrived. I’m a fan of RH, though I can never really afford anything there, unless it’s an outlet purchase. Still, I browse the catalog for inspiration (you know, for my many do-it-yourself adventures…ha). So yeah, I’m flipping through the catalog for some gift ideas when I find this:

Sneak-It-In Disposable Flasks

Where to begin with the commentary? Okay, first of all, these are called the “Sneak-It-In Disposable Flasks.” No seriously, you read that right. Where exactly are patrons of Restoration Hardware sneaking alcohol? And apparently, the operation must be so secretive that the flasks must be disposed of once said alcohol is consumed. Again, remind me why adults are sneaking alcohol into places? This has college semi-formal written all over it, does it not?

Better yet, these flasks are the #1 disposable flask. Is there a ranking system for such items? Has Consumer Reports been notified? Who knew? And better still, this set of three disposable flasks costs $15. Wait. Really? $15? Who’s paying $15 for these puppies? Oh please, if you have purchased these for serious use (not as a joke gift for the lush in your life), you  must share. I really have to know what you were thinking. Do you just have money to throw away?

All I can say is kudos to RH for carrying an item I felt compelled to blog about (on a mommy blog, no less). Kinda makes me want to try to find the most bizarre gifts out there. If you’re feeling inspired, leave a comment and let me know what you’ve come across. Happy shopping!


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2 thoughts on “Bizarre Holiday Gift of the Day

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  2. jrfrong on said:

    I have nothing….as I’ve bought…nothing…for Christmas yet. But that is funny!!! (Slash/sad?) I have to say though, RH is classing up the joint with those! (And this? Coming from a domestic beer drinker…I’m hardly a snob but come on!)

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