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Ten Reasons I Think My Son Might Be a Puppy

No, really. I’ve given this some thought. And yes, I am going to ignore the fact that I haven’t written anything in oh, almost two weeks. That’s life with a babe, right?

Okay, so my husband and I have made a few puppy-related comments about our boy in the past, but when I truly pondered the comparison, the evidence seems pretty clear. You be the judge.

10. Completely oblivious to his flatulence issues. Can you say stanky baby?

9. He pants when he sees his food.

8. He is so not housebroken.

7. I’m not sure he’d ever really stop eating on his own.

6. He learns tricks. Most recent circus act: putting his clothes in the hamper. Oh yeah, you read that right. We’ve been working on fetch, but no luck yet.

5. His behavior prompts responses like Sit, No, Good Boy, and Lie Down. 

4. He’s been known to bite on occasion.

3. Shakes with excitement when his daddy comes home from work. (When my family had a dog, he actually knew the sound of my dad’s car turning onto our street and would run to the porch to look out the window. True story.)

2. Vigorously shakes his head with toys in his mouth. Enjoys his chew toys. And yes, we call them that.

1. Those eyes. You’ve seen his eyes, right?


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5 thoughts on “Ten Reasons I Think My Son Might Be a Puppy

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  2. mofthesea on said:

    12. Mine will walk up to the dining table (in his walker, he’s only 8 months) and actually BEG for bread. It’s all I can do not to swat him on the nose with my napkin.

    (Peas, would you allow me to use this idea at some point in my blog? I’ll give you all the credit you want!)

    • peasoutmama on said:

      Excellent #12! I should update this to add that he bit me this morning (hard…like with a mark to prove it). By all means, use the idea (and I’d love the credit…thanks!) : ) And can I bother you to tell me how you added the links to share your posts (under your “spread the gospel” link)? Love your blog! So funny!

  3. 11. He’ll run over (if supported by a hunched-over daddy) and stand by your leg while looking up expectantly as you’re preparing his dinner.

    That’s right, “it goes to 11″…

  4. jrfrong on said:

    HA HA HA. He really does sound part canine—but in all the best ways (well, except for #10.) Hey, no one’s perfect and #6 makes up for it in spades! I know someone 40 who can’t do #6, so I’d say Freddie is boy genius!

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