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Ah, to be Young and in Love

My son is in love. And I’m pretty sure if this romance advances to nuptial bliss, his future in-laws and I can take care of the arrangements. By all means, meet the family:

See that handsome blue triangle all the way to the right? Seductive, isn’t it? There, my friends, is the object (literally) of my son’s affection. I know, I know, an unlikely candidate. But you’d be amazed. That triangle is quite the charmer. I kid you not; every single time those shapes are put out on the floor, that triangle is Boo Boo’s first choice. And, I might add, it’s the last to (reluctantly) get placed in the sorter (if at all). Apparently, there’s something alluring about that triangle. I don’t know; I don’t see it. Personally, I don’t think it’s good enough for my little boy.

But hey, if your little one is looking for some love, this fab little shape sorter can be purchased at the Mart (Wal-Mart). It’s the Garanimals shape sorter. Gram and Grandpa got it for Boo for Christmas. Oh, but hey, lay off the blue triangle; it has plans with my little guy. I hear the green square is looking, though.


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4 thoughts on “Ah, to be Young and in Love

  1. Lisa Feeney on said:

    That is great!!!! So Funny!!!

  2. jrfrong on said:

    There’s no accounting for taste, Michelle! Too funny.

  3. Mary Kaelin on said:

    This is such a cute story. I warn Freddie to be careful with his heart though…I was in love once…with a Ken doll…but one day his head popped off and I was left heartbroken with Barbie and all his other mistresses.

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