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Sucky Cups

You’ll have to excuse my ignorance in a previous post where I unwittingly referred to sippy cups as sippie cups. Personally, I think if you’re going to invent a word just to sound cute, the ie ending is far more effective. But hey, no one asked me.

About these sippy cups…a total racket, no? In “Can We Talk About Food (Again)?” I think I raise an excellent question. Really, how different is the sippy cup from a bottle? Why the need? Someone please educate me. Believe me, I’ve been around the baby block. I started babysitting when I was fourteen and have my share of nieces and nephews. Yet somehow, I suffered under the delusion of the sippy cup as the holy grail of baby beverage consumption. I’ve thought of it as a rite of passage for my little boy — something all kids must experience. Kinda like a pacifier. (I should’ve known better. The pacifier never caught on with the little bugger despite my energetic attempts.)

Before we get going further on this, I do understand the “no drip” sippy cup feature and its allure. It’s just that, well, they drip, dammit. They freakin’ drip! When my boy shakes them vigorously and bangs them against the highchair, they drip. How could they not drip? Dripping aside, these cups have a few other problems. First of all, there’s nothing sippy about them. These suckers take work. And I’m not saying my guy is the brightest kid on the block (but I must say, he has quite the vocab for a ten month old), but he’s really struggled to figure these things out. I don’t even want to know how much liquid I’ve wasted in the process. Oy.

I, however, consider myself lucky. I’ve heard other parents share tales of their absurdly large assortment of sippy cups, of their quests for the perfect model, their hopes that new and improved would really mean new and improved. And then…the disappointment. You see, I consider myself lucky I only purchased four of them. And well, they all suck. Granted, I didn’t ask for advice before making these purchases, so I should really blame myself. But self-blame is so not en vogue; I’d rather blame someone else. So here you go, parents of kids yet to use sippy cups. Here are the exact sucky cups (colors and all) I own (well, just the yellow one in the Avent picture):

Nuby Sippy Cup:

Nuby 2 Handle Cup with Spout, Colors May Vary, 7 Ounce

Avent Sippy Cup:

Avent 7oz Magic Cup Trainer Twin Pack - With Handles

Nuk Sippy Cup:

Gerber NUK Learner Cup .5 oz (1-Cup), Assorted Colors

And finally, the sippy to rock all sippies (there, I got my ie), the drippiest of the drippy:

Boon Fluid No-Spill Toddler Cup

Boon Fluid - No-Spill Toddler Cup

Yup, they all suck. But get this…turns out my kid knows how to drink from a straw. Little experiment at nana’s house yesterday yielded some seriously promising results. Peace out, sippy cup. I am so over you.

I know he won’t be able to take his cute little sippy cups into the car or happily tote them around the house. But remind me…why exactly is my kid drinking in the car? And why is he walking around with beverages? The kid can’t wipe his own tush and I’m going to trust him in my car? Yeah…not so much.

Anyway, I know toddler cups with straws exist in the world of baby buying hell. I’ve seen them; they’re lurking out there and surely mocking me. But I won’t be fooled twice. This time, I’m asking questions. This time, I’m going straight to the top and asking for advice. Please, please help me.


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7 thoughts on “Sucky Cups

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  2. we use the playtex character cups…they are great…they dont leak and they have a plug you put in the lid…which you can buy replacements of (cheap) to keep the seal tight! Moving forward with straw cups…our ENT laguage pathologist with all our kids recommended the cups with straws over all the sippy cups…she said that bottles too long can misform the teeth and create “bottle rot” The straws help the teeth formation, spacing, and less of an overbite. Also using a straw a child uses more facial muscles which help in the aid of speech development. There is a good 4-5 pack at Bj’s (i think $10-$15) and most other stores with the characters, with a straw, and a flip tab that keeps straw protected and they dont leak…we have 4 kids…and they were the best! The are put out by munchkin. Heres a site that talks about them and a picture…it is the first sippy cup posted

  3. Caroline wouldn’t drink from a sippy, so she only ever had bottles or straw cups. I wish I had known this before I spent 8 million dollars on the stupid Born Free sippy cup with 9 million parts. I hope Jane uses it. Anyway, when she switched from bottles to the straw cup she also stopped drinking milk, and only has water in the cup. So leakage matters a whole lot less now 🙂

  4. All I got to add is that as these increasingly more exotic sippy specimens kept appearing I found myself hoping they were gifts (rather than purchases)…sigh…oh, and I do think he’s the brightest 10 month old on the block!

  5. Bridget on said:

    We’ve probably had them all. And they all drip and spill. They just drip and spill less than a cup without a top. Really. That’s about it. We mostly use the semi-disposable ones. You get 3 or 4 in a pack and the lids pop on & off. Four little holes in the top. No rubber stoppers. When they start to hang onto the top with their teeth and pull the bottom away (thus spilling the entire thing) they get a real cup. Also, if launched correctly, the top may pop off on impact. We have used the ones with the straws for the older kids on long trips but they’re even drippier. Pick your poison as to what you want to deal with and good luck!

  6. Sucky cup, I love it!They all leak, I had the least problems w/ the Playtex Disney sippy cups. We are thankfullY done w/ those wretched things. I’m w/ you though, cups belong in the kitchen. If you’re thirsty, there is some water or milk available in the kitchen!

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