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Yogi Boo

Have I mentioned that my son is active? Have I? Maybe once or twice? Well just in case you’re new to this blog or haven’t really been paying attention, he is ACTIVE. When I say this, most people smile or nod as though they understand. But they don’t…until they bear witness and show surprise at how active he is and I’m thinking No seriously, did you not hear me?

Anyway, I should’ve known I was in for it when at twenty weeks pregnant, I went in for my ultrasound and the tech said, “I’d take some pictures if [he’d] stop moving.” Okay, she didn’t say he, but you get the point. I thought she was exaggerating. She wasn’t. Now, I’m not one for sharing ultrasound photos unless you’re a close relative or friend and you ask to see them. I’m not a hang my ultrasound photo on the fridge kinda chick. Something about going for my hummus and pita and encountering an image of my uterus just doesn’t appeal. All that said, I’m doing some sharing. You see, during the ultrasound, m’boy was doing crunches. Really, crunches. Check it:

Legs in...

Going up for a crunch!

Okay, enough sharing. Certainly I jest quite a bit about my little guy; it’s what keeps me sane most days. But when I say that he could pull himself up to sitting (by holding my fingers) by three months old, I am so not exaggerating. Can you say abs of steel?What baby doesn’t have a belly? Um, mine. Kid was practically doing boat pose, for cryin’ out loud. Oh, and remember…his first word was up. 

People also look shocked when they see how quickly he can walk/run when I’m holding both of his hands. I’ve stopped telling them he’s been holding my hands and walking since he was three months old. Three.months.old. I get the smile and nod. I can tell they don’t believe me and think I’m a delusional mom who believes her son is a freakin’ genius. Um, my back’s hurtin’, yo!

Anyway, take action boy and back-achin’ mama, put them in a house together in the middle of a New England winter, and you pretty much have a recipe for, if not disaster, at least disharmony. He looks at me as if to say, Seriously, woman, you best get it together. You are so very boring what with the repetitious songs, books, and playthings. You must do better or I will take you down. I wouldn’t mess with him. I’m pretty sure all twenty-one pounds of him could, in fact, take me down.

So I did what I had to do. I signed him up for Itsy Bitsy Yoga at Mothers & Company in West Boylston (MA). Yoga — an unlikely choice for action boy, I know. But in addition to being quite physical, he’s also quite social. So he adores any opportunity to venture away from home and hates leaving places. (Really, he cried leaving the deli one day.)

Well, Yogi Boo had a blast. No, he wasn’t particularly down with poses that required, um, stillness, but luckily, quite a few involved movement and his favorite thing in practically the whole world — being upside down! How cool is that? So here’s little Boo doing his best headstand move:

And yes, he is buddying up to the sweet little girl next to him:

I think this one is called Guppy Pose (but don’t quote me on that): digits are simply delish!

I’m quite sad the four-week session is over. And Yogi Boo will certainly be sad, too, when he realizes he’s stuck with moi this week. But I’ve remembered his favorite poses, like those pictured above and Hop Along Yogi (cute name, right?), which actually helps me get him dressed in the morning. The class was worth it if only for that strategy, as changing his diaper and clothing has turned into a wrestling match of late. And he is totally winning. Now you’re curious, aren’t you? Well, you’ll have to try IBY yourself!

I fear that by the time the next session starts, Yogi Boo will be walking, at which point he’ll no doubt create a little havoc in the land of om.


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One thought on “Yogi Boo

  1. Thank you for sharing. My first baby is due this April. Getting really excited!

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