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Lexicon of a Monkey

The little man is eleven months old and here’s what he has to say… 

Ba ba: Bye bye.

Baby: Pretty straightforward. Able to identify real, live babies, but things become more ambiguous when babies are in books. They’re still babies, but so are animals, cartoon characters, etc.

Baby book: A book with babies in it. See baby above.

Book: Also straightforward. And he says this one properly, with a nice, hard k and all. 

Dada: His favorite person on the planet, especially when arriving home from work.

Deedee: Um, monkey. Isn’t that obvious? You can have your own Deedee (just don’t tell my little monkey that). It’s the MiYim Organic Plush Monkey named Fred. Yup, Fred the Monkey. I registered for this and received it prior to Boo Boo’s birth (and prior to deciding on his name). My husband’s name is Fred, so given my obsession with monkeys, I figured it was a good fit. Of course, now we call Fred the Monkey just Monkey so as to not confuse the boy. Deedee and Boo Boo are best buds and take naps together. Boo Boo even makes us give Deedee kisses. Here’s Deedee all nice and clean…very unlike my little monkey’s version:

MiYim Organic Plush Monkey - Fred - Hosung  - Babies"R"Us

Hat/At: Hat, specifically a baseball hat, but recently extended to almost anything you put on your head, including eyeglasses.

Ite: Light…as in the fixtures and the fabulous glow that emanates from them.

Mama: yours truly, also his favorite person on the planet.

Nana: My mother. Pronounced like mama but with n sounds.

Na, na, na, na, na: No. Usually stated with lots of head shaking.

Up: See “Can I Get a Word, Please?”

Note: My parents insist he said Gampa in my absence. Moreover, my mother insists he said Hi Gampa. I wasn’t there. I didn’t hear it. It didn’t happen.


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