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The best and cheapest toy your baby will ever need

Nope, not talking about the cardboard box, though I do have to admit, Boo Boo is a fan. A while back I was in the market for some stacking cups for the little man. I did my research, ’cause that’s what I do. All of the cups I could find were plastic, and since I was more than certain they’d end up drenched in slobber, I wanted to make sure they didn’t have any harmful chemicals or other crap we allow our products in the US to contain. Just sayin’. So get this: These puppies are free of BPA, PVC, and phthalates. And if you don’t know what that means, you should, so do a google search. Like right after you finish reading this post. I found these on, and who can resist the Super Saver shipping on a purchase of $25 or more? I’m a sucker for that every time.

Green Sprouts Stacking Cup Set

These are Green Sprouts stacking cups. For just $5.99, your little peanut can experience hours of enjoyment, which I know, sounds totally unfathomable. They’re just cups, right? Oh no. These are so much more. They’re magical baby mesmerizers. They also have these cool little drainage holes in the shapes of…well…shapes. So yes, they can be used in the tub. I’m so glad you asked. That’s precisely why mama went out last week and sprung for another set. I know — big spender. Found them at Mothers & Company in West Boylston (MA) for the same price. Score! I’m telling you — if you’re in the market for stacking cups, know someone who is, need an inexpensive baby gift, or just have a secret desire to own a set for yourself (I don’t ask questions), your search is over. Oh — and you’re welcome.


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2 thoughts on “The best and cheapest toy your baby will ever need

  1. peasoutmama on said:

    Hey Jeanette — thanks for your comment! Check out my post “Yogi Boo” and you’ll find another little shout-out to MoCo! : )

  2. Thanks for the shout-out, Michelle! Yes, it’s amazing how hard it can be to find healthy toys, but we do our best to offer them and keep adding more…we love suggestions, too! Have a favorite healthy toy? Let us know at!

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