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We Gonna Party Like It’s Your Birthday (’cause it is)

You have to understand, in our little family, birthdays aren’t just a day. They’re a week at least. And if you’re lucky and can manage to convince your husband, yours is an entire month. One day? No, no, silly reader. And Boo Boo’s birthday was no different.

Day One (the actual birthday): It’s a Thursday, so the big party won’t be happenin’ until the weekend. Boo Boo slept in until the late hour of 8 a.m. (no freakin’ way…who is this kid?). Daddy took the day off, mommy made French toast for breakfast, and we all went for a morning walk. How Leave It To Beaver is that? Late wake-up meant no morning nap (ruh roh), but Boo Boo slept for a whole ten minutes on the way to Gymboree. We signed him up for the free trial class. Me like free. I was a tad frightened by the fortysomething ex-cheerleader on Red Bull who ran the class, but the boy had a fab time, so I can’t complain. Plus they sang Happy Birthday to him. Can’t beat that action.

Also a big hit? Mama’s old-fashioned from-a-box cupcakes. You woulda thought I was Betty Crocker in the flesh with the reaction those suckers got. The bakery cake for the actual weekend birthday party? You know…the one with the chocolate mousse filling and Italian cream? Yeah, ol’ bugger was not impressed.

Feeeed Me!

I’ll spare you the details of his actual birthday party. Standard affair, really. Moonwalk. Pony rides. Eighty guests. Kidding, kidding. You got the wrong chick. It was a birthday party. Balloons. Pizza. Cake. Cookies. Good stuff. Li’l dude had a blast. You know I’m not a DIY mama, so I have to share one little ditty. (I didn’t realize what an odd word ditty truly is until I typed it…hmm). I made (yes, MADE) this sign:

Do you see that? Do ya? Mama made it. Did I mention I made it? Okay, it was so simple my kid could’ve done it. Not that I don’t think my kid is a genius. He’s clearly brilliant. But seriously, if I managed this, any fool could. A computer, printer, cardstock, ribbon, and a hole punch. That’s it. Oh, and don’t think I came up with the idea myself. I saw something like it online (but with lots of colors, but that just didn’t feel right), and thought Holy crap, even I could do that! And yes, I really did think that. So cute sign, no? Come on now…give mama some props.

Okay, so what’s up for day three of birthday celebration? Um, hello? A tea party…what else? Here’s the deal. My three-year-old, uber cute niece from NY couldn’t make the actual birthday party, so I wanted to make a party for her. And a tea party was the obvious choice for me, um her, um my son. Alright, so I wanted a tea party! When do I get to have a tea party? Never! My hubs was kind enough to take a photo of the table for me.

Please try to ignore the hideous living room wallpaper and paint job courtesy of the previous homeowners. We’ve redone four of their grotesque rooms and haven’t gotten around to this one yet. And why yes, you do see a special little teacup at the head of the table. This is what it looked like:

What’s a tea party without real teacups? And while I love my niece, I wasn’t about to give her the real china. Hell no. But how cute is this one? Plus, it doubled as her party favor (major peanut allergy so she couldn’t have the M&Ms the other kids got). Total score from Home Goods for a whopping $2.99. Um, and yes, that is a placecard you see. You don’t have tea parties without seating arrangements, people. Mama may fling her sass around, but she’s knows her some etiquette. Oh, and the boy was happy. More cupcakes!

So yes, we had us some serious one-year-old birthday partying. Rowdiness kept to a minimum. Bedtimes adhered to. But sadly, no Bacardi.


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4 thoughts on “We Gonna Party Like It’s Your Birthday (’cause it is)

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  2. Marie on said:

    Love the tea party idea and the decor!

  3. And she loved the tea party! But she is 4 not 3!…She uses the tea cup with dinner now, she feels very fancy!

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