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The Sweater Vest Strikes Back

I knew some day it would happen. I just didn’t think it would be so soon. With another holiday upon us, I started searching for a cute outfit for my li’l man. I went in with no preconceived notions, very much unlike my holiday photo card vision just several months ago. I should have known. The sweater vest is haunting me. (Incidentally, you’d be amazed at how many hits my blog gets from sweater vest searches, or my favorite, should you tuck in a sweater vest. I’m shocked that more than one person needed to ask that question, so I’m taking it upon myself to answer: No. You should not under any circumstances tuck in a sweater vest. There you have it. You’re welcome.) Back to my point. The sweater vest is everywhere, back in full force. 










Oh, and don’t forget about the sweater vest outfits.



Have I made my point? I know mamas everywhere are saying But the vests are so cute! My son has worn/wore/is wearing a sweater vest. Dude, don’t get me wrong. They’re totally cute. So cute, in fact, that I caved. I know, I know! I caved huge. I didn’t even last that long. But wait — it’s not my fault. My son’s aunt and uncle got him the cutest little linen pants and striped button-down for his birthday. And a week or so later I was out shopping and landed at the same store (The Childrens Place, damn them) and saw the sweater vest that went with the outfit, and the world went crazy. I heard voices. Little. Cute. Voices. And they said Come here, sappy mama. Here, you. Come hold me and see how little and cute I am. Look at how perfectly I match your son’s pants and shirt. All together now…awwww. Dude, I totally caved. But it’s so cute. And yes, I completely eat my words. Hey, mama is big enough to admit she made a mistake. And by big, I don’t mean big big. Just big. Alas, here it is:


I know it just looks like a boring little sweater, but you really have to see the whole outfit together. Why this excites me is beyond anything I’ll ever comprehend. Just consider it all part of the slow disintegration of my brain. Welcome to my mama ‘hood.


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2 thoughts on “The Sweater Vest Strikes Back

  1. Frkael on said:

    For the record, Peas Out Papa is not quite so enamored. Enamored, but not sooo enamored. Little man just may don sweater vest for only a portion of the day…especially if it is 78 degrees!

  2. Man, I want a couple of those in MY size!

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