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You know you’re a mom when…

I know that as parents, we do weird stuff all the time and never give it a thought. But for some reason, I actually did start to think about it today. Maybe it was the relative quiet of the car ride. Maybe it was the voices. Either way, being a parent is weird. Oh, and if you have more than one kid, just make child plural. I’m being lazy and I trust you can handle the immense responsibility.

You know you’re a mom when…

10. You started out tasting everything you ever fed to your child. And then you stopped caring. 

9. You’ve licked your thumb, cleaned your child’s face, and thought Gross, my mother used to do that!

8. You’ve had pretend conversations with your child’s stuffed animal. Um, for the kid’s benefit, okay? Not for funsies. Jeez.   

7. You’ve had real conversations about your child’s bowel movements. Like with your spouse. At the dinner table. More than once.

6. You’ve looked in on your sleeping child and simultaneously thought Wow, that awesome kid is mine and What the hell have I gotten myself into.

5. Your child dresses waaaay better than you do.

4. In desperate moments, you’ve used your own bare hand to wipe your child’s nose. And really, it didn’t bother you so much.

3. You’ve continued listening to Raffi long after your child has fallen asleep for fear his Raffi radar would sound when you made the switch.

2. You’ve thought you might go insane if you had to read Good Night, Moon one more time. And you’ve thought that for once, it would be nice if the moon reciprocated the nicety.

1. You’ve driven alone in your car (wait, there’s more) rocking out to your iPod and gotten more than halfway through the song before realizing you’d been listening to Raffi.

Okay, so maybe it’s just me. I’ve put my insanity out there for all to read more than once. But come on. You have to admit we do some bizarre stuff. ‘Fess up.


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8 thoughts on “You know you’re a mom when…

  1. Erin on said:

    My kid dresses way better than me & has no problem telling me either! I will also add that your child only watches certain “approved” commercial-free tv shows for limited periods of time but Mommy never misses an episode of the Housewives of any city. I’m a hypocrit, I know!

  2. peasoutmama on said:

    These are awesome, you guys! And go, mom, for adding a good one!
    And yeah, my brother used to sniff his kids’ butts and I’d think, Duuude, how do you not know and why are you doing this at Christmas dinner? Well, dude, I take it all back. I so totally get it.

  3. Frkael on said:

    I think we (moms & dads) all know it gets even crazier, and gross-er, too: like smelling the diaper/butt of your child to assess what the situation down there might be. Pre-parenthood this disgusted me and I was convinced that I’d never — but sad to say I have not only done so, but while eating. Dinner. Like between bites.

    This is so cathartic — wait, you smell sumthin’?

  4. It is really bad when leaving your friends you say night, night.

  5. muffintopmommy on said:

    #9 I’m sorry to admit I do on a regular basis. To multiple kids. Multiple times a week! What is it about kids’ faces that I swear to you, do not show shmultz until you get out in the light of day, where, regrettably, you never have a tissue or wipe handy to wipe said shmulta, and backed into a corner, are forced to become your mother with the spit finger wiping? ARGH! Good stuff.

  6. Marie on said:

    I think I have done all of these things!

  7. Tuuli on said:

    How about when you look at the channel guide after kiddo’s bedtime and see Spongebob you get excited… or baby’s been napping for half an hour when you realize that NickJr is still on…

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