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You may already know this, but mommy blogs take a bit of a beating. Turns out people (ahem, other mommies) get nasty and write mean stuff in their comments. They have opinions — strong opinions — and they’re not afraid to attack share them. And people are talking. Should photos of children be put online? Guilty. Should kids’ names be used? Guilty again. Are moms divulging too much info about their kids, info potentially harmful/hurtful to them in the future? Damned if I know.

Should I just apologize profusely to my son now? Buddy up to a psych med student so my kid has a good therapist when the time comes? All I know is that my son literally clapped when I walked toward him in a restaurant today. I think he’s doin’ right fine.

Anyway, perhaps you’ve seen an article or two on the subject, or maybe you’ve even caught a feature on the news. In my little bloggy world, I’ve seen quite a bit. Oh sure, it makes me a little paranoid and I plan to be much more careful. But here’s the thing: all this hatin’ is mamas hatin’ on mamas! Not cool.

You’ll be happy to know that all’s well in my small bloggy world. Just li’l old me here, doing a happy dance because I have eighty-one fans on facebook (much unlike the thousands legit mommy bloggers — the ones who make cash money — have). Lovin’ when friends and family comment on my posts and share the love. And I like to show the mamas some love, too.

That said, I feel like I’ve had a brush with fame this week in mama land. Clare, author of it’s all good in the mother(hood) — remember, four kids, looks impossibly young — had one of her posts featured on BlogHer! How cool is that?! Okay, so my brush with fame is that we’re friends on facebook and we chat blog chat. We’ve never met and she’s a friend of a friend, but I kinda sorta feel like a cool kid. Um, which I never was, so I don’t take these things lightly. 

You’ve gotta check this post out and share with friends, even the non-mamas out there. ‘Cause it’s short and all kindsa funny and not about being a mom at all. Who couldn’t use a little more funny? Yup, that’s what I thought. And without further ado…    

“The Secret Code of Word Verification: Facebook Is Trying to Tell Me Something.”



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