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My mother has been gently suggesting — what, no one said nagging — that I make a list of all the words Boo can say. Far be it from me to hold out on nana. Besides, I figure it’s a helpful reference for any future caregivers. Study up, nana. My sister-in-law is getting married in June, 2011 (yippee!) in North Carolina (yippee!) so mama has a built-in vaca (yippee!) and is not taking the boy (awwww, so sad). Well, I suppose I’d take him if my sis-in-law really wanted him there, but she may want to consider he’ll likely shout Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! at each and every guest multiple times throughout the ceremony while waving his big ol’ mitt. Hey, sis, if that’s what you want, again, who am I to hold back on that kind of joy? In the event that she opts (logically) to not have him there, nana needs to brush up on her Boo-speak. And she may want to invest in a few good pairs of sneakers and a personal trainer. Best get started now. Okay, nana, here’s your dictionary. (Boring for you, dear reader, but allow me to indulge my mother.) Please note that pronunciations are enclosed in parentheses and only words he actually uses on his own are provided. Mimicry and purely understood words not documented here. Hubs, feel free to add whatever I’ve surely missed or blocked out.

all done (a-dee)

apple (pretty close to this actually)

baa: You know, the sound a sheep makes.


bag (back)

ball (bow)

beep: not to be confused with bib (see below).

belly (be-yee)

bib (beep): not to be confused with beep.


bottle (um, not sure how to explain his phonetics on this one)

bye bye

dada/daddy (dada, da-yee)

dog (duck)



happy (hep-py)


help (hep)


hooray (hur-ree)


hug (huck)

light (yight): Used to actually say this with an l but you know how the whole regression thing goes.

mama (also, mamamamamamama!!!)

meh: Apparently the sound a goat makes according to one of his books. Whatever.

milk (mook): any beverage

monkey (dee dee; also, mo-goo): I know, his pronunciation accuracy is astounding.


more (mo’ mo’): Apparently the repetition signifies his seriousness.



nose (noooo): usually said quite dramatically while pointing at his nose so as to distinguish it from no, I’m sure.


peep: the sound a chick makes

please (pea)

pretty (pit-ty): I love this one.

raisin (ra-doo): Aparently, -doo is an appropriate ending when you can’t pronounce a word. Who knew?

read (reat)

shoe (I don’t even know where to begin with this one…sounds something like ish.)

snack (nack)

sock (yock): Easily confused with yuck.

tissue (di-doo)

toe (doe)

uh-oh: Yes, this is actually a word according to my friend Merriam.


walk (wok)


woof woof

work (werk)


yogurt (oak): Love this one, too.

yellow (ye-whoa)

yuck: Another fave often said when handing me anything undesirable off of my floors. Thanks, kid.


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5 thoughts on “Boo-speak

  1. Erin on said:

    I agree with Nana, I think he is a genius. That seems like a lot of words for his age. So cute that he says Nana & Gampa!

  2. Josh on said:

    Are we counting names here? I know I’ve heard him say Bella (beh-yuh)! 🙂

  3. You forgot gampa, and I know a few others, just need a little more time to think. The child is not only adorable but a genius

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