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I’m in Love…

…with a furniture cleaner. It’s okay; you can feel bad for me. I kinda, sorta feel bad for myself.

For several years, I didn’t even own a furniture cleaner. A damp cloth was all we really needed. A little wipe here, wipe there, buff here, buff there and we were good. That is, until my son’s digits found their way onto the coffee table.

For weeks, imprints of those oily mitts (skin produces oil, people…my kid isn’t dirty) seemed practically etched into the wood. Damp cloth after damp cloth didn’t do the trick. I was forced to give in and purchase a cleaner.

So I was at my trusty Target (freakin’ love that place) for the bajillionth time this week and picked up Method Wood for Good Wood Surface Cleaner. (C’mon now, that name is unnecessarily long). But check it. Who doesn’t love a little humor to go along with housecleaning? Whoever penned the copy for this bottle is my hero. You’re brilliant. You’ve aced Marketing 101 — appeal to the reasonably intelligent, modern mom, make her laugh, and ka-ching.

Admittedly, I didn’t read the ad copy until I got home. I just like Method cleaning stuff. Note to self: Don’t buy that Seventh Generation All-Purpose Cleaner again. It’s effective but makes you and the hubs gag. Stay with what you know and be your loyal Taurus self.

Okay, so here’s the copy:

this non-toxic cleaner is recommended by four out of five beavers for the way its no-wax formula removes dust + dirt and leaves a fresh almond scent. the fifth beaver? he prefers his own dam cleaner, but did remark that this was good for wood.

Um, copywriter, can you be my bff? You funny, yo. Seems I can’t get me enough funny while I’m cleaning house. Wonder why.

Allow me to summarize: non-toxic wood cleaner plus funny. We’re doin’ alright, no?

This morning I use the product. Oh. my. god. I heart you, Method — you, the people against dirty. How did you manage to put this fabu cleaner in an adorable little bottle, make it able to remove oily mitt stains on my coffee table, AND make it smell like somthing I want to eat? You, Method people, are rock stars.

Can we talk about the smell? It smells like almond. Almond. As in, so yummy it smells like my homemade biscotti and I think I want to take a sip. Aside: If swallowed, drink a glass of water and contact a physician. (Really, it says that right on the bottle. And I’m thinkin’ my biscotti goes pretty well with water, too.) Oh — and keep out of reach of children. Yeah, that too.

It smells so good — wait — wait for it — I actually want to clean with it. Go on. Sign me up for a television ad spot right now. Sign. me. up. I kid you not I’m looking for wood furniture to clean. Hell, I’m even cleaning my non-wood furniture. As in, purchased at Target and some assembly required furniture. Damn straight. I briefly considered cleaning my wood floors with it, but good thing I’m a label-reader. These Method people are on to me.

Granted, my enthusiasm is bound to last all of twenty-four hours. But I’ll be damned, my furniture will be clean.

Now if we could just do something about those windows.


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4 thoughts on “I’m in Love…

  1. Heather on said:

    They make a wipe too! I have been completely into the Wood for Good for a few years now. I was so tempted to taste but how do I explain that on said call to doctor?

    Have you tried method’s Eucalyptus Mint bathroom scrub? AMAZING!

  2. Bridget on said:

    You should e-mail your endorsement to the company, who knows, maybe that ad spot won’t be a joke!?

  3. Marie on said:

    Wait, you clean the coffee table? I just pile toys on it.

  4. Marie on said:

    As for the windows, Mountain Berry Windex smells amazing (but alas, they don’t make it anymore!)

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