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I Got Nothin’

My kid loves the outdoors. That’s nice for him ‘n’ all, but at 9:00 a.m. on a rainy weekday morning, Mama don’t play that. So this morning, when he whined, “Out! Out!” incessantly, desperately reaching for the doorknob, I needed a plan. I put his socks and sneakers on, strapped him in the car seat, and set out. To nowhere. 

We live in a small town. A really small town. We live here for three reasons: (1) it’s affordable; (2) the schools are decent; and (3) my husband works about fifteen minutes away. That’s it. Those are the reasons. I seriously have to make up errands sometimes just to get the boy “out!” Today was one of those days.

Trouble is, in a really small town, there’s jack squat to do. As I drove around town (which takes a good 5ish minutes as anything non-residential lies along the same route), I set out on a mission to find the top ten things to do with a baby at 9:00 a.m.

Here’s what I’ve got. And no, I won’t be offered a position on the welcoming committee anytime soon, which is fine, because it doesn’t exist anyway. You know…small town.

10. Make a deposit or withdrawal at the drive-thru ATM. Yeehaw! And yes, I did do this today.

9. Go to Walmart. Um, yeeeaaah, that’s not happening.

8. Mail a package at the post office. This would be useful if I ever had a package to mail. I order my stamps via mail. Irony, you bitter old thing.

7. Drop off or pick up dry cleaning. I do actually need to do this on occasion, because yes, this is why I worked my ass off for two degrees.

6. Return a book to the library in the outdoor thingie-whoozit. And holy crap, I actually read a book and had one to return. Score!

5. Grab a coffee at Dunkin’s. Eh, not feelin’ it.

4. Remember there’s a bakery across town and they have lattes, get excited, go there, order one, sip it on the way home, and shrink from the disappointment.

3. Wish the ice cream place was open.  

2. Sigh.



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