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Book Review: First 100 Words

First 100 Words (Bright Baby): 4 Stars

First 100 Words (Bright Baby)

My kid loves this book. Me? I wouldn’t so much say love. How ’bout like very much? So about my kid…he loves this book for one reason and one reason only. See that dog! in the lower right-hand corner? There. That’s it. All (and I mean all) he wants to do is look at the dogs, and I’m oh so lucky because there’s one on the cover, two on the pets page (the dog and the puppy, because it’s an important distinction), and one on the back. If you ask my son, however, many more dogs grace the pages of this thing. There’s the elephant-dog, the teddy bear-dog, and lest I forget about the camel-dog, he’s sure to correct me. He’s happy, so how do you argue with that?

My take:

It’s big and heavy. My Boo isn’t a tiny guy and he’s almost fallen over holding it and bonked himself on the head.

It violates my senses a tad. Colors, words, pictures, squares, squares everywhere. The entire book is set up like the cover. Took me a while, but I’m pretty used to it now. You really don’t want to feel violated by a book.

Some of the 100 first words are highly suspect. Really, I don’t think my kid is busting out with parrot anytime soon. Bird he can handle. Parrot? No. And let’s get back to that camel. Yeah, we don’t run into too many camels around here. Interestingly, we did see a fox carrying a dead squirrel run down the middle of the road (and then the fox dropped the squirrel), and yet neither fox nor squirrel (nevermind dead squirrel) appear in this book. And where are pee, poop, and no? Who edited this thing?

Above comments aside, this book is actually pretty cool. We like to sit and flip through it before naptime. Of course, we’re only really looking at the dogs (and on occasion, the trucks), but it serves its purpose. Sometimes Boo realizes there are a hundred pictures of babies and every once in a while, he’ll actually call it a baby (y’know, instead of a dog). Can’t put a price on a little reassurance that my kid hasn’t completely lost his mind.  


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One thought on “Book Review: First 100 Words

  1. We have this book – my daughter got it for her first birthday last August. The size is ridiculous, and she has toppled over carrying it. However, I attribute her large vocabulary in part to this book and other Bight Baby Books we have. She isn’t as into it as she used to be and now she pretends that she doesn’t know things I am positive she does know.
    But parrot and the need to have dog and puppy, cat and kitten on the same page is a bit much. But I love that in one book, a child can learn colors, animals, things that go. And it is very durable!

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