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Don’t Get “Fresh” With Me

Welcome to “This Week in Absurdity,” an exciting addition to Peas Out Mama! Like you, Mama sees a lot of absurd out there. And it’s high time to call it out on a regular basis.

Okay, so what exactly does it mean to be absurd? (See now, you’ve read the word so many times it’s starting to look and sound absurd, isn’t it?) Allow me to consult my BFF, Merriam.

absurd: ridiculously unreasonable, unsound, or incongruous; having no rational or orderly relationship to human life

synonyms: fantastic, bizarre, crazy, fanciful, foolish, inane, nonsensical, yadda yadda

For this week’s edition, I need to get fresh, as in the opposite of stale. When did fresh become ubiquitous? I don’t really have anything against fresh. Truth be told, I like fresh. I just don’t need to see and hear it everywhere, especially when stale really isn’t an option. It’s…absurd.

Case(s) in point (photos swiped from Google images but I trust you’ve seen something like these elsewhere.):

Fresh Coffee Sign

Um, can’t we just assume fresh? Really? Can’t we? I can only hope any establishment selling coffee doesn’t have two categories: fresh and friggin’ sludge. Same goes for the bread and seafood. I don’t even want to know what not-fresh seafood is like. Yowsa.

Signage aside, fresh gets a tad shakier when people start talking it. Waitstaff offer fresh bread and I think Wow, thanks for not giving me the day-old stuff. This is one classy joint. Folks cook up delish home-cooked meals with fresh ingredients. What exactly constitutes fresh? Picked from the garden? Bought at a farm stand? Locally grown? Supermarket? I’m thinking Merriam needs to hop on this and spell it out for me. ‘Cause from where I’m sitting, Mama makes a whole lotta stale crap. Yup, pretty much every day.

Sure, I love words. I’m a goober. We know this. I mean, look closely; I have a blog category called “Word.” Words are cool. They’re powerful. They do stuff. Words have meaning, sometimes several meanings. Cool, right? (Yeah, it wasn’t in high school either…that explains a lot.)  Then one day, due to no fault of their own, they start losing meaning. And I get confused. Maybe even a little irritated. ‘Cause I’m a goober, remember?

I need structure and order, dare I say, definition. I don’t think Merriam is coming to my rescue on this one…some BFF. So help a sister out. When did fresh get trendy? What the hell does it mean? And can I be the only one who thinks it’s absurd?


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4 thoughts on “Don’t Get “Fresh” With Me

  1. In the same vein, I love it when restaurants tout “home made” food. Did the chef go home and make the dish and then bring it back to the restaurant? Was it homework? I’m sorry but if I wanted home made food, I’d stay home and save a whole lotta dough. Yeah, I get that they really mean “from scratch” but don’t you expect restaurant food to be made from scratch and not come out of a jar or can or, gasp, the freezer? Isn’t that what we pay for? “Fresh” made food?

  2. This totally cracked me up!

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