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Faster Fill-up

I was flipping through my husband’s September issue of This Old House when I encounted some serious absurdity on page 52. It’s called the Moen Modern ShowHouse pot filler, and it’s featured in the kitchen and bath special of favorite new products. It’s one of those thingamajigs you have over your range so you can fill your pots without having to (gasp) carry your pot from your sink. Who does that, anyway? Carrying is so last century. 

This totally amazing, life-altering, time-saving invention looks something like this:

Chrome two-handle pot filler kitchen faucet

The TOH blurb features these astonishing stats: “Moen’s Modern ShowHouse pot filler gushes 5.5 gallons per minute, compared with the standard 4. Its 24-inch folding arm shuts off at the tip as well as the base, so you don’t have to reach.”

You know, I’ve always thought that if my pot filler (as if I have one) could just gush a little faster, my life would be so much better. That four gallons a minute rate sucks, really. Five and half is waaaay more efficient. And forget about needing to reach. Reaching sounds like work. Unnecessary effort expenditure. I hate reaching. Overrated.

I’m so excited about this product that the $630 price tag doesn’t phase me in the least. Clearly money well spent, no?


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3 thoughts on “Faster Fill-up

  1. I have a couple of girlfriends with newly remodeled kitchens, including contraptions very similar to this one. One of them even has an entire sink devoted to just this thingamobobby and the act of pot filling. And I recall thinking that the dough they shelled out to fund this purchase could also be spent on the down-payment of a car….or at least a really rockin’ bicycle. Ah, well…to each his (her) own. Glad to “meet” you, by the by…we were both in Clare’s (of the MotherHood) post yesterday. 🙂

    • peasoutmama on said:

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Sue! Can’t wait to check out your stuff! I agree…totally rockin’ bike…or at least some reeeeallly good wine to make the pot-filling less stressful. : )

  2. I have to be honest….I’ve always thought having one would be cool….but then, I’m an American capitalist prone to excess…heh.

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