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The Recall That Should Have Been (but wasn’t and I’m kinda glad)

Boo had seen and practically drooled over this Melissa & Doug rainbow stacker roughly a bizillion times in assorted stores before I splurged and got him one. I figure he’s worth the six-ish bucks, right? When we finally got it home and unwrapped, I knew I’d made the right choice. The toy was a hit and rendered me stunned to get a few minutes to myself while he stacked and restacked and — get this — discovered the rings actually rolled on the floor. Shut. up.

Melissa & Doug Rainbow Stacker

I even managed to teach him how to put the little red ball on top, a major self-confidence booster. Glorious! Meanwhile, it appealed to my how cute is this “new” classic wooden toy? side. Melissa & Doug so have my number. Marketing geniuses, damn you.

But then one day, Boo was playing with this fabu toy in his crib. He likes to toss the wooden rings out and slide them through the slats. Why do kids always find a way to injure you with their (seemingly) harmless toys and inevitably land themselves in time-outs? (Or maybe that’s just my kid.) My husband relays the following: Boo was standing up in his crib and decided to take a seat when he became upset and made some noises of discomfort (sorry, they just don’t translate well here). You know what happened? Lookie here…

Rainbow stacker, a classic wooden stacking rings toy by Melissa and Doug.

Those wooden rings? Yeah. They come off. And underneath is a highly uncomfortable seat.

But wait, there’s more! It’s also an eye-poker-outer. A sword. A hammer. A painted wooden teether. All this can be yours for $6.79 on (eligible for free super saver shipping on orders $25 or more). Totally a bargain. 

And yet, I love it. I do. I can’t help myself. I’m waiting for the dreaded email from the Consumer Products Safety Commission. Why ever did I sign up for email alerts for children’s recalls? I can’t go ahead and remove myself from the alerts, right? I mean, that would be really bad parenting. Until then, I maybe, just maybe, will look the other way.    


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3 thoughts on “The Recall That Should Have Been (but wasn’t and I’m kinda glad)

  1. I had almost forgotten about this toy. You don’t see many toys build with this sort of quality anymore. Its a real shame.

  2. We had that toy too and hubby always worried that he was going to impale himself on it. He didn’t but he outgrew the toy and we lost one of the rings. It was fun while it lasted : )

  3. remember that Ikea wooden stacking toy you got our little missy for her birthday? Same issue… She loves it and we always have to supervise her with it. Sigh… And damn, wooden toys hurt when they’re flung at you!

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