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More Monkey Business

It’s well documented. Or should I say, he’s well documented. In case you haven’t met Monkey yet, look here and oh yeah, here. Monkey’s status in our family rises by the minute. But as I’ve also shared, so does his stank. I did it. I had to. I got two more. Monkey Si (aka DeeDee) bit it; the washing machine couldn’t even cure him this time. Monkey Deux (aka Middy) — check it, my kid is slowly improving his pronunciation — is still in the rotation but not for long.

So I embraced the absurd, ripped the credit card out of my heart, and ordered two more from Babies R Us. Why two? There’re on sale, peeps! Total score for 19.99…uh…each. Remember this thing love of my son’s life is organic. Stupid, stupid mommy.

So here are the newest members of our family in all of their boxed-up glory:

How do you not love the one on the left waving?! Still, I’m thinking for $19.99 per monkey, sucker should be signing thank you.

And don’t think the coffin-like packaging is lost on me. Oh no, friends, Monkey Si is lined up to rest in peace in one of those puppies. No really, the boxes are super nice. Too nice if you ask me.

The good news? My Boo still doesn’t suspect a thing. There has never been a multiple Monkey sighting, though he’s come quite close to spotting a little Monks in the hamper. Yikes.

The bad news? I’m at a loss for names. Oh sure, as Boo becomes more able to pronounce Monkey (we’re close with the occasional Minkey or Mickey) three and four will naturally acquire new names. But Mama needs names. Gotta keep these dudes straight.

I’d love to offer some fab give-away, but alas, I’m just a mom blogging about her kid’s stuffed animal on a Friday night. Take pity on me. What to call these guys?


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2 thoughts on “More Monkey Business

  1. Erin, I was just about to post the same thing about the Monkees! Great minds think alike!

  2. I think you should name them Davey, Peter, Mickey & Mike. Hey hey we’re the Monkees;)…Remind me to tell you about Bunny & New Bunny, good story.

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