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Year Two in Status Updates: Part 1

3/19/10: I don’t hear crying. What crying? There are no crying babies here.

3/30/10: Taking the little man swimming this morning — can’t wait! Then grocery shopping later today. Can wait.

4/6/10: Gotta get the boy ready for story time at the library. No whammies! No whammies!

4/8/10: After making us hold his hands and walk him around the house since he was three months old, little bugger now has no interest in walking. Apparently, crawling is both sufficient and more efficient. Um, hello? You have feet, little dude.

4/17/10: Coffee, dear friend, I will need you to perform miracles today.

4/17/10: Baby boy just finished his bottle, pushed it away, and whined, “Deedee” for his stuffed monkey so he could go to bed. Cutie.

4/20/10: Turns out my little baby food snob likes raisins. Bananas? Pears? Avocado? Watermelon? Grapes? Cantaloupe? Apples? Nope. Just raisins. Everything else in a jar, please.

4/20/10: Me: “Freddie, you’re a handsome devil.” Freddie: “Ya.”

4/26/10: Seriously, Calgon, don’t make promises you can’t keep.

4/30/10: Watching his dad clean his ears with a q-tip, baby boy tries to put a raisin in his ear. This is the stuff ER stories are made of.

5/2/10: Love that li’l guy thinks my calculator is a cell phone, holds it up to his ear, and says, “Heyo?”

5/3/10: Boy’s obnoxious habit: Taking a bite out of a Cheerio (who does that anyway…are they too filling or something?) and then tossing the other half on the floor while staring me down.

5/7/10: Boo to librarian: “Hi.”
Librarian: “Hi.” Librarian checks out my book and says goodbye.
Boo: “Bye bye.”
Librarian: “You’re too cute.”
Me: “Say ‘thank you.'”
…Boo signs “thank you.”
Holy crap, he’s learning stuff!

5/13/10: Me: “Hip hip!”
Boo: “Hurree!”

5/17/10: Saw a 4-day-old baby today and for all of about 15 seconds, I forgot what a handful Boo is.

5/17/10: Milk and raisins: two more words I have to spell out now. Someone’s an addict.

5/20/10: “Dada?! Werk.”

5/21/10: Listen, I try to buy organic where I can, but if this kid tosses one more organic food item from his high chair, I can’t be held responsible for raiding his piggy bank. Just sayin’.

5/25/10: Um, duh…forgot to tell y’all the big news: Boo took his first solo steps on Sunday. So pleased with himself, he refrained from further excitement until today (a few more steps).

6/1/10: Coffee = Dada mook [milk]. Who knew?

6/2/10: Yup, we had our first bloody lip today. Boy hit his mouth on his book bin. Poor kid just wanted to “reat.”

6/6/10: In my son’s world, bananas are apples and cats are dogs. I imagine that’s why after washing my hair this morning, I proceeded to cleanse my face with conditioner. Good times.

6/9/10: Listening to Boo chatter away in his crib this evening: “Mama! Daddy ya you!” Translation: “Mama! Daddy loves you!”

6/10/10: Boo’s cleaning his hands with a Boogie Wipe. And yes, I’m just watching and amused. He’s quite thorough.

6/11/10: ‎”I big.”

6/15/10: Breaking news! Boo tried (and liked!) three things he previously despised! Drum roll…real banana, dried cranberries, and (I’m tearing up here)…Orajel. Santa, you really do exist.

6/16/10: Today he likes American cheese (again). What’s next? World peace?

6/18/10: My baby boy is 15 months old today. And yes, he is still a baby. I don’t care if he walks and talks.

6/21/10: Splash Park at Davis Farmland was a major hit. The animals? Cute sheep and goats, but Boo wasn’t that interested. A forceful stream of water directed straight as his face? Major fun!

6/24/10: Just found the fourth tooth in four weeks. Third molar on its way. Good times over here.

6/30/10: Successful trip to the dentist!

7/5/10: My li’l guy had one of his best days…slept through last night (!), played like crazy at the park with his cousin Caroline, napped for 2 hours, 45 min (!), and even went out for ice cream. And in spite of ridiculous teething, was in a good mood all day. Amazing what some good sleep can do!

7/12/10: Boo is trying really hard to say “burrito.” Super cute.

7/12/10: Hubs is taking baby boy to NY to visit his folks this weekend and mama gets some alone time. So excited I don’t know what to do with myself!

7/14/10: In case you’re wondering, giving your child the “empty” sunscreen stick to play with may seem like a good idea. He may play with it happily and safely for several days. But then maybe he’ll get really quiet in the car and when you go to get him, you’ll discover he’s managed to jam his digits in there and smear the meager leftovers on himself…and his mouth. Um, yay for nontoxic? Mother of the year…

7/19/10: Looking forward to taking Boo on his first Swan Boats ride this week!

7/25/10: Pool day at nana and grandpa’s. Ice cream at Crescent Ridge. Lounging in bed with a drink and books. A well-deserved ending after Boo cried off and on the whole way home (one hour). Poor overtired little bug.

7/27/10: My son’s post-activity notification: “I poop.”

8/5/10: Me: “Hi cutie!”
Boo: “Hi dutie!

8/9/10: Newsflash! We had our first grammatically correct sentence yesterday. Boo handed me a book and said, “Read the book.” Why am I not surprised it was a command?

8/19/10: Li’l man slept through the night. May have had something to do with his parents’ sleeping in a closed room with AC on and forgetting to turn the monitor on. Whoops! But hey, as the hubs said, “He seems no worse for the wear!” Big mystery as to whether he woke. I’ll take it!

8/22/10: Two days in a row, li’l man has insisted on cold pureed green beans for early morning snack. Whatever, it’s a veg, right? Gagging a little just thinking about it, though.

8/23/10: Decided the boy still sounds sleepy and nap isn’t really over. Pressing “ignore” button.

Later: He totally won. Walked into his room, he looks at me, points at his diaper, and says, “Da poop.” Poop always wins. Dammit.

8/23/10: Just scored some serious real estate in my kitchen. Hello booster seat!

8/25/10: Sprout online rocks. Especially since the only television my kid likes is the opening to Sesame Street…over and over again!

8/27/10: Got Boo to eat his lunch by promising we could use the vacuum afterward. Turns out the kid works wonders with a Swiffer, too. Suh-weet!

9/7/10: Boo to me: “Mama, mama, hold you, hold you!!!” (Translation: Hold me!)
Boo to daddy 1 second later: “Bagel!”
Cast aside for carbs. Can’t say I blame him.

9/13/10: “I love Mama!” followed by crazy huge hug.

9/15/10: Sick boy is hiding behind my chair. When I ask, “Where are you?” he says “Boo!” Of course, he’s just popping out for ice cream.

Later: Boo has croup. Exhausted cutie just went in for his nap, closed his eyes as soon as I started rocking him. When I put him in his crib, he popped up to say (in a hoarse little voice), “Bye mum.”

Later still: Li’l man was asleep in my arms at 5:45. Zonked. Poor baby.

9/19/10: Baby boy was 18 months old yesterday. “Big boy!”

9/20/10: My genius statement of the day to my son: “We don’t play with our socks at the table.” Why? Because there are other appropriate times to do so? Nice one, mommy.

9/28/10: Me to 18-month-old after he mentions a time-out: Yes, you had a time-out. Do you remember why you had a time-out?
18-month-old: Ya.
Me: Why did you have a time-out?
Him: No bite.
Damn straight, kiddo.

9/29/10: I wish someone would put me in for a nap every day. I wouldn’t cry. I swear, I wouldn’t.

9/30/10: Two time-outs before 9 a.m. for biting. We’re off to a rockin’ good start!

9/30/10: Great time at our library’s story program, followed by full-scale meltdown after snack at home. Hello, naptime!


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One thought on “Year Two in Status Updates: Part 1

  1. I love this! Especially the update about the cheerios, “are they too filling or something?”. You have such a great sense of humor!

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