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Year Two in Status Updates: Part 2

10/4/10: So my son says football (“footieball”): evidence I left him alone with the hubs a little too long.

10/6/10: Boo thinks my mascara is lotion. And really, why wouldn’t he? He’s never seen me put it on.

10/9/10: Changed Boo’s diaper while he stood up, still in his feetie jammies. In talks with the Olympics committee.

10/14/10: Oh my, there’s a new brand of cranky around here.

10/23/10: So incredibly thrilled to have finished the HipHipHerRace 5K to benefit Abby’s House!

10/31/10: My little trick-or-treater had a blast tonight! Didn’t take long for him to figure out how the whole thing worked! Oh, and he makes the most adorable mailman…just sayin’.

11/1/10: Big day! Boo recognized himself in a photo. Once. Thereafter, he was “baby” again.

11/8/10: How did snuggling with Boo earlier this evening lead to an injury? He accidentally head-butted me in the cheekbone. Hard. Ow. Headache.

11/9/10: So Boo will probably sleep through the night consistently by the time he’s 13, right? …right?

11/15/10: Snuggling with Boo last night, I talked to him about Thanksgiving, that it’s a time to be thankful and spend time with family (and eat pie and yummy food). I told him we’re going to New York and told him who we’d see there. He listened so intently, almost hanging on every word. Then he spoke: “Trick or treat?”

11/17/10: My boy, who still loves a good bottle of milk at bedtime, laughed so hard that he spit some up tonight. Hilarious and gross. Plus, he managed to get some on my sweatshirt…mmm…sour milk smell makes me queasy and a little sentimental about his true baby days. Twenty months old tomorrow…. (Oh, and I did change my sweatshirt. I’m not that sentimental!)

11/19/10: Guess the little man is awake. What I heard: “Super Why? Super Readers?” Someone’s an addict. Personally, I’m a fan of Alpha Pig, but that’s just me.

12/3/10: My son has eaten more in three days than he has in a month. This morning, I thought I was going to get sick watching him scarf it all down. Holy growth spurt on its way, eh?

12/4/10: Brutal night with the boy.

12/5/10: Christmas tree today! Loving that Boo is gettin’ his groove on to the holiday tunes, too!

12/8/10: Me: “We need to change your diaper.” Boo: “No way!” Ummm, he’s only 20 months folks. What’ll he be like at 2?!

12/12/10: Amazed by Boo who is practicing his “s” sounds in his crib…”ssssix…sssseven…”

12/16/10: Holiday cards have arrived and I must say, my child is quite the handsome little dude.

12/17/10: So sick of the car seat “battles.” Practically not worth it to even leave the house. Pondering life as a recluse.

12/19/10: Baking gingerbread boys. (Li’l bud helped me cut some.) Smells delish in here! Yummmmm!

12/23/10: Love that Boo says bye bye to the “Christmas treat” every night before going to bed.

12/24/10: Love spending Christmas Eve with my little fam.

12/27/10: “Happy birthday!”: 21mo quoting a holiday classic.

1/12/11: Listening to bossy 22mo dictate letters for daddy to write: “Make a ‘q’. Make a ‘w’. Make a ‘n’.” Hilarious.

1/14/11: Was just listening to Boo in his crib singing “Frere Jacques.” Kid rocks.

1/22/11: Boy is obsessed with the alphabet and all things letters. If you hear screaming, it’s because I refused to read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom one more time!

1/25/11: Apparently, 22mo finds it perfectly acceptable to say, “Want Daddy” whenever I go in to get him in the morning. Not cool, little man.

1/26/11: Boy tore up a page of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom in the car yesterday. No really, it wasn’t me.

1/27/11: Seriously, how long is he going to talk in the crib before he falls asleep? I think it’s been a half an hour already. Last night it was 45 minutes. Hey, at least he’s happy and was just singing the alphabet. Gotta practice!

1/31/11: Pretty sure hubs and I heard our son say “none of your business” yesterday. ?! At least it was out of context and made no sense. At least.

Two-year molars = tired parents = lots of coffee.

2/4/11: Me: Night night. I love you.
Freddie: I love you.
Clear as can be. Love it.

2/7/11: Made blueberry muffins with my favorite assistant. They’re in the oven while Boo pauses for a Super Why break.

2/10/11: The boy decided that today would be a good day to clean the microfiber sofa…with a baby wipe. Sigh

2/11/11: Boy is obsessed with Frosty the Snowman. The movie, the song. Over and over again. Kinda makes me feel like Christmas never left. Except it did.

2/13/11: Hubs bumped Boo’s head slightly as he got him out of the car. Boo: “Daddy sorry.”

2/15/11: Quote of the day: “Go easy, mama.” Um, okay.

2/20/11: Love that after hubs and I were finished with dinner, Boo (who refused to even sit at the table) decides he wants to try spinach pie (gasp)! He liked it! He did, however, freakishly refer to it as pumpkin pie each time.

2/23/11: Put Boo in time-out for not listening. He goes in obediently (irony) and says, “Two minutes.” Seriously?

3/2/11: My little guy’s second birthday is in sixteen days. How is that possible? He needs to stop growing. Like right now.

3/3/11: I’ve never seen a kid more excited about going to a library than my Boo this morning. Super cute.

3/13/11: Boo (looking in his book): “What that one is?”
Me: “A question mark.”
Boo: “Question mark.”
Man, I love this kid.


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