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I’m Two, Too

Dear Boo,

Parents tell me that these years will fly by. I know they will; two years already have. And here’s the thing — I want to remember the everyday stuff. Milestones are great. But when it comes down to it, I want to remember the “little” stuff. I want to remember how excited you were to play on the grass once all the snow melted and the air warmed, how you screamed with delight, “I’m on the grass! I’m on the grass!” I want to remember how you opened your birthday present to discover Alpha Pig and then sweetly had Monkey give him a welcome hug. Or how you randomly come to me to hug and rub my leg as if to say Hey mom, just checkin’ in.

I worry about forgetting stuff, mostly because I have a pretty terrible memory. It’s true; ask your dad. We once watched nearly half of a movie before I realized I’d seen it before. I would like to not have a crappy memory when it comes to our life together. This blog, while definitely a way to keep me sane through the tough, bizarre, and downright absurd times, is also a chance for me to remember.

Last week, I put together a list of facebook status updates from the past year. Go on and google facebook if it’s not still around; you’ll still be able to because I’m pretty sure Google will own the world by the time you’re old enough to read this. I did this in an attempt to revisit the everyday. It was quite an experience and I learned a lot about myself and us. I spend a lot of time worried about what you eat (or don’t eat as is usually the case). My life is consumed by nap times, meals, diapers, play dates, PBS, playing, diapers. Sounds pretty freakin’ exciting, doesn’t it? And yet, I know it won’t last, that some day, I will miss it for sure.

I won’t have you this little ever again. And in those moments, I’d like to be able to press pause. Or even better, wait. Wait up. Take your time. Don’t grow so fast.

Just the other day I was telling your daddy that a year ago, I would’ve thought Holy crap, how am I going to handle a two-year-old? But here I am. We are. Doing it together and learning along the way. Last week you turned two; and so did I.

Happy second birthday, my Boo.

Love you,



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5 thoughts on “I’m Two, Too

  1. Yes, the days are long and the years are short. My oldest is about to graduate high school, and my youngest turns two today. Yes, it would nice to hit a “pause” button sometimes…and then there are the times you wish you had a fast forward!! : ) What we are all talking about is all the things we had never heard of two years ago today..from information about hospitals and medical conditions, to “Oswald and Weenie”….amazing how much a child expands your universe. Enjoy your time with your little friend Boo!

  2. Amanda on said:

    You totally just made me cry!

    • peasoutmama on said:

      I’ve had lots of “you made me cry” comments. Um, glad you guys “enjoyed” it? Lol! As always, thanks for reading and for commenting! Love hearing your feedback!

  3. Awww….cries. I so agree. SO sweet. I’ve said this before but someone told me once the days are long but the years are short…..I’d like to just bottle some of it and take it out when I want. I’m on kid #3 and I already forget so much. Hold me! I mean, hold Boo!!!!

  4. Beautiful, Mama! As September approaches, I realize that my time alone with my girl is drawing to a close. It went quickly but there are millions of moments that I’ll have forever. You will too.

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