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Have You Heard? New TV Channel Has Arrived!

No really, it’s true! Boo totally found this new channel and wants to tune in during most of his awake hours. But like anything with toddlers, it gets old fast.

So what does it show? All daddy. All the time. Have you seen it? You probably have; don’t let the name confuse you. It sometimes goes by Mommy, you’re just not good enough anymore. I only take you when I have no choice.

On the one hand, the Daddy Channel is pretty cool. Daddy has become number one nose wiper; possessor of the plate off of which the kid will eat; chief clingee. All of these kinda rock.

But then daddy has to go to work. That’s when the Daddy Channel sucks big-time. There’s the sobbing, the Want daddy-ing, the longingly watching daddy drive away, followed by more crying, at which point, the kid casts a look that I swear says Why can’t YOU be the one to leave? Really. I think I heard his face say it.

There was this one episode where the Mommy goes in to get the kid from his nap and the first thing he says is Want daddy. And then he says (disappointed, I swear), It’s mommy followed by a shot-to-the-heart Mommy go away. And then the Mommy goes away and the kid suddenly realizes she’s his only option and reluctantly calls her back. Nice, kid. Real nice.

You know what else bites about this channel? It totally doesn’t run in the middle of the night. Nope. That’s when the reruns of the Mommy Channel come on. You know the ones with the crying? You know what I’m talking about, right? Those episodes suck, which is obviously why they run at night. The Daddy makes guest appearances, but they’re brief, mostly because the poor guy is angrily banished by the kid.

Did you catch the mini-series where the Mommy fell asleep on the kid’s floor because he’s sobbing like he just woke up from a horrible dream and didn’t want to be alone? I know it didn’t seem like a mini-series, but it was. It’s just that each episode looked. exactly. like. the others. So anyway, the Mommy wipes the kid’s eyes with a tissue because he demands she “keen eyes.” And then she rubs his back. She is totally the best Mommy ever. And he won’t even remember it, dammit. Ungrateful.

Listen, the Daddy Channel has its place. But right about now, I’m lookin’ for my remote.


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12 thoughts on “Have You Heard? New TV Channel Has Arrived!

  1. It’s mommy channel here almost all the time and boy, is it exhausting! And poor daddy feels so left out and hurt when she could care less that he’s home from work. And I am so excited, but for no reason, since nothing changes when he’s home. I have caught glimpes of the daddy channel every now and again, and hope that when baby #2 arrives in June that she’ll stay tuned into the daddy channel for more than 10 seconds a day!

  2. Bridget on said:

    Great post. Been wanting to comment since I read it! We’ve been through the opposite with each of the kids. All of them have preferred Mommy over Daddy. A lot. All the time. It doesn’t really get any better with a third or fourth kid; it also doesn’t seem to last as long though. I think you definitely deal with it differently by then. When it was one of the older 2 kids, we could cater to their preferences. But with the younger 2 it wasn’t an option nearly as often. And to be quite frank, we pretty much stopped trying to cater to them. If I wasn’t free to do it, then Daddy just did it. No more waiting for Mommy . I think it was definitely key in getting them to be ok with Daddy doing more for them a lot earlier. They had to deal with it and they learned to. Not saying they never still try to have me more often than not but at least they don’t freak out if I can’t!

  3. This never happened with my older daughter (now 7) and her constant preference for me got a little exhausting. I really wished I could pass her off to Daddy more easily. Now I think I should have been careful what I wished for because my four-year-old daughter has been all-Daddy-all-the-time since babyhood, and I’m missing having a clingy little mini-me.

    • peasoutmama on said:

      Sarah, it’s so great to hear from you and thank you for your comment! Awesome that you have a blog…looking forward to checking it out! I know I’m feeling a tad tossed aside by the little guy. I can’t imagine having an all-daddy child since babyhood! Sniff.

  4. Ah yes, we too have that channel. For a while it was on 24/7 because daddy worked nights and had to sleep during the day. So kiddo had to contend with second best mommy all the time and you’d think she was being tortured or something! The hubs tried to convince me that she’s the same when I’m away but I doubt it judging from the quick “bye bye mommy” when I run to the store…

  5. You are the best Michelle; awesome, awesome post!!!

  6. Ah yes, I know that channel well. I have three kids: 2, 4 and 6 so that stations has been played at our house quite often!

    • peasoutmama on said:

      Thanks for your comment! Glad to hear I’m not alone! Does it get any less annoying with the second or third child?

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