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What’s That In Your Diaper?

No, no. Not a poop post. Been there. And believe me, we spend too much time talking poop around here. What’s up with that anyway? Why? Why all the poop talk?

Nope. Today we talk about pee. Before I had a child, I’d never imagined how many brain cells I’d kill thinking about poop and pee. There I go again. Seriously, what’s my problem?

Lately (okay, for a while), Boo has been waking up soaked through his jammies and with wet sheets. (Future teenage Boo is way psyched about this post. You’re welcome, buddy.) Changing jammies and sheets became a part-time job; I even invested in more of each in case I couldn’t get them into the laundry right away. Gross, I know. TMI?

I put out a cry for help to my mom friends (on facebook, of course). The advice came rolling in — love those ladies.

Apparently there are things called “diaper boosters” you can get at Babies R Us. Diaper boosters. Who knew? Sounded pretty straightforward. Put in diaper to absorb. Fantabulous.

I went to BRU, hit the diaper aisle, and lo and behold, diaper boosters. And I thought I knew every square inch of that store!

And then…a pause. Because these, my friends, are diaper boosters.

What's with the chick hatching? Don't. get. it.

Uhhhh… Ummmm…

Are you thinking what I”m thinking? I honestly don’t know what I’d imagined a diaper booster would look like. This makes complete and total sense. But I admit, I paused. And then I laughed inside because yes, I am a 12-year-old boy at heart.

I got the diaper boosters, convinced they would solve our problem. But then I faced the issue of whether Boo would notice them in his diaper. I resorted to stealth diaper booster-ing. He’s totally one of those kids who sees something new and freaks. Oddly enough, Boo didn’t sense the extra padding in there (and still hasn’t). Personally, I think that’s a little weird but I’m obviously very cool with that.

Because I’m me, I just had to do a little googling. What? I needed to know what makes a diaper booster a diaper booster. (Yes, I am trying to see how many times I can type diaper booster in one blog post.) I’m sure you already know or have figured out that diaper boosters allow liquid to flow through them into the diaper, thus maximizing absorbency. I didn’t know that…because I’m me.

In case you’re wondering, they’re working out pretty well. I’ve had to change a few sheets and jammies, but these booster thingies have significantly helped.

What I can’t get past, though, is this: Someone somewhere invented these things. And is making money off of them. For reals. Kinda wishing it had been me.



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2 thoughts on “What’s That In Your Diaper?

  1. OOOOOHHHHHH, I NOW KNOW the well-kept secret about the non-absorbent diapers. there is nothing more annoying than going through sheets and change of clothes. a trip to b ru is now warranted for a pack of diaper pads. wish i could come up with a brilliant idea like that. my husband has been talking lately about inventng NAPSTER foe toddleers who refuse naps and keep waking up at night every two hrs screaming “daaaaaaaaaaaaDDDDDDDDDyyyyyyyy”. sigh

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