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The Not-So-Sweetest Thing

Not quite two weeks ago, I buckled Boo into his car seat intending to take him to our local science center for some toddler fun. I noticed a little something on his top front tooth, so in true mom form, I wiped it with my thumb. It didn’t budge. I took a closer look and saw what appeared to be a bruise right above the tooth on his gums. Horrifying! I played it all calm, got in the car, and called the dentist. Appointment scheduled for just an hour later (and yes, I did have to come up with a time killer since there was no way in hell I was going to buckle him in again).

Boo hates going to the dentist. No idea why. He’s only been twice for cleanings. Nothing bad has happened. So when I told him we were going to the dentist later, his voice quivered, “Nooo….” Sad face. I did my best reassuring act, because seriously, what the hell was wrong with my kid’s tooth?!

I distracted him with a little side trip to a nearby Toys R Us to do some browsing. Fortunately, Boo does browsing well and completely accepts that we are not taking the toys home. Whew.

But now? Now he really hates the dentist. And I kinda do too.

I’m going to make a long story short — not just for your benefit, but for mine as well. Boo’s tooth is infected. Yup. Tooth abscess, to be precise. They couldn’t even get an xray of it, what with his screaming, crying, and writhing around. Hubs had to go back with me a second time. Still, they couldn’t get an xray. I’ve told you — he’s a feisty one.

The good news is that the top tooth next to the yucky one appears to be fine.

The bad news is that the yucky one needs to come out. Of course, doc tossed out the word “extraction” as if it was obvious. I stopped her. “It needs to come out?” Go ahead and remove my arm, why don’t you? My baby’s tooth? Anesthesia? Oral surgeon? No, no, no, no, no. You’ve got this all wrong, sister!

Over the past two weeks, my mind has been racing. Quick! Teach him about the Tooth Fairy. Start explaining how teeth fall out. Try not to freak him out. Try not to freak myself out. Make it all sound so very cool. Schedule a second opinion. Schedule the surgery just in case. Finally schedule family photos. Stock up on Curious George videos for the big day. Take some Valium.

So how did this happen? Apparently, a tooth abscess can result from a cavity (not in his case) or trauma to the tooth. Enter the sweetest thing, a post I wrote about a wee collision Boo and I had several months ago. Crap.

I know. I have to calm down about all of this. I am lucky. My son is healthy. It’s just a tooth. Some parents would literally give their arms for a healthy child. That’s not lost on me.

But I am so not looking forward to Friday (yup, this week). Not at all. I’m still holding out hope that the other dentist will say that everything’s fine. That his cute little face will get to keep all of its teeth.

In the meantime, I’ve gone into Operation Tooth Removal Preparation mode. Because this can all be made better with shopping. Behold my purchases:

Short. Sweet. Makes sense to a 2-year-old. Score. Also, TF brings a "surprise," so very open-ended.

Just because it's cute. Also, having a toddler put a tooth under his pillow is equivalent to feeding it to him as a midnight snack. Also hangs on his door, so TF doesn't need to enter the room. Boo panic attack averted.

Okay, so there are more purchases, but I’ll save those for when the big day arrives. Also, big props to a friend who scored a dress-up scrub mask and cap so Boo can play with them and maybe be a little more comfortable with the whole thing.

At this point, I’ll try anything! Stay tuned…




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6 thoughts on “The Not-So-Sweetest Thing

  1. Poor thing. Hope it all goes well.

  2. Aww, little Freddie! Michelle, the idea of dentist and Luke together in the same room, scaaares me a little. I hope all goes well for the little guy. I love the little tricks you have up your sleeve to prepare him. Good luck to you guys!

  3. susan (mother of 23 & 24+yr olds) scholl on said:

    Good move to get a second opinion. My daughter caught a glider seat in the mouth when she was 2 or 3. First dentist/oral surgeon elicited the same type of response as your son…”noooo”. The two didn’t mix – oil and water. Went to a second dentist for a another opinion…. both kids LOVED the new dentist. After all, this one had a basket of prizes to pick from after a “successful” (key word) dental visit. Long story short: that grey bruised baby tooth stayed in her mouth until it fell out naturally. And…both kids stayed with that pediatic dentist until they were almost out of college–and there were tearful goodbyes when that time came. So yeah…second and even third opinions can be a very good thing.

    • peasoutmama on said:

      Wow, Susan, really? Thank you! His current dentist is a pediatric one, too, and has a basket of toys and a play space. Still, I’m hoping this other one creates some new, positive associations for him. Fingers crossed!

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