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Sweet Tooth

Alas, the tooth update. I took Boo for a second opinion and was crazy glad I did. Our appointment was two weeks ago and doc said his tooth looked great, infection seemed gone, and follow up in two weeks.

So today I took him for that two-week follow-up and all still looks good. I nearly hugged the man. Had I not gone for the second opinion, my Boo would be sporting a gap right now. I would be mourning the loss of a sweet little tooth (still).

Truth be told, the infection could come back. He may still need to have it pulled, but we need to keep an eye on it for now. Totally cool. I’ll keep both eyes on it.

Also? The new dentist is awesome. I love him. Okay, not love love. Just love. Here’s why. This morning I told Boo we had to go run errands and he said, “We have to go check my teeth again?” It’s like he knew, like in a freaky sixth sense kind of way. (I can’t tell him certain things ahead of time or I will pay dearly. This is one of those things.) I told him that yes, we had to go again to the new dentist and check his teeth. He whimpered a bit but didn’t cry like he had in the past. I talked to him about the toys there and then, I kid you not, he said, “Let’s go the dentist.” Sounds good, little man. Let’s go.



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One thought on “Sweet Tooth

  1. What a relief. And glad to hear he like the dentist too 🙂

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