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We Have a Winnah!

Thank you to those who entered to win a copy of Mommy Mixology! I got my review copy in the mail today — can’t wait to check it out!

Okay, on to the winner! (Enough with the exclamations already, mama.) This comment made me LOL for real, which as I’ve explained, is not an easy feat.

Congrats to Jennifer who posted this:

When our daughter, Molly was two, my husband and I were very laissez-faire about showering/nudity in her presence. That all ended for my husband quite abruptly. One day, after he got out of the shower Molly asked “Why does Daddy have a tail?”. My very modest husband was mortified! After that, the bathroom door lock has been well used. (I told him he should be flattered by her question.)

Oh Molly, you’ll be ever so grateful to have this little encounter recorded for all of eternity. Jennifer, I’ll be in touch to arrange delivery of your winnings. Ah, the glamour!


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