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The Price is (Never) Right

Let me start by saying that I’m not so much a coupon girl. As far as I can tell, earnest couponing requires time and patience, and while truthfully I have the time, I most definitely don’t have the patience. You’ll never get stuck behind me in the grocery store. I’d be the one bagging the groceries at Trader Joe’s and taking my receipt from the register before the cashier has a chance. I hate grocery shopping, and I make my best effort to high-tail it out of there ASAP.

When it comes to clothes shopping, it’s a different story. I refuse to pay full price. There’s simply no need, especially when you’re talking kids’ clothes and you can buy ahead or off-season. I often shop this way for both myself and my shortie. Swimsuit in December? Yes, please. Winter feetie jammies in March? Got ’em. And even with buying in-season, sales abound.

I was thinking all of this the other day when I went to get fall/winter pajamas for the boy. (Oh believe me, I do actually know how pathetic that sounds.) Apparently he did this growing thing over the summer. Almost overnight, he was wearing capris and belly shirts to bed.

My go-to place for jammies is Carter’s. They’re inexpensive; they last long enough; and they’re inexpensive. Also, they have sales. And coupons. But it got me wondering…why on earth does Carter’s ever bother to print price tags? When does anyone ever pay full price for any item of Carter’s clothing? “Sale” signs decorate every rounder, rack, and wall, so many so that whenever I’m in there (maybe three times a year, so obviously this affects my life greatly), I can’t even tell which sign goes with what item. Every.damn.thing is on sale. Everything. So it’s not a sale. Ever. It’s just the store pretending to have a sale.

An aside: Doesn’t Macy’s have a “one-day sale” pretty much every day?! What is that?

Dear Carter’s, we know we’re not getting a deal. You and I both know that polyester pajamas are not worth $30 and they never will be. Could you please just tag the items at what I’ll actually pay and take the dizzying signs down? Pretty please? You’re just messing with our heads, trying to make us think we’re getting good buys to set our frugal consciences at ease about making purchases. But we’re not stupid; we know what’s up. We won’t fall for the games.

Unless it’s time for new jammies…in which case, I’ll be in for the “doorbusters.”


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One thought on “The Price is (Never) Right

  1. I like your point, if its ALWAYS a sale.. it’s not really a sale, just a sales technique.

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