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How I Nurture My Creative Delusions

While I’ve been busy not writing on this here blog, I’ve had the chance to guest post for a local custom furnishings and design business. If you haven’t caught the About Me section (aka The 411) yet, you don’t know about my creative delusions of grandeur, one of which is interior decorating.

Well, I was fortunate to have met Sarah O’Neil of Storibook Designs in Clinton, MA one summer day. Seriously, it was a total fluke. Baby Boo was a wee one who hated naps and often fell asleep in the car. I often drove around aimlessly, abusing the environment with the aim of regaining some of my sanity. I know — tough trade-off. Environment=0. Mama=1.

I’d seen the Storibook Designs showroom sign on previous nap-seeking excursions and had wanted to stop in. On this particular day, I did. I lugged my sleeping Boo (safely in car seat) into the showroom simply to fawn over fabrics and daydream about reupholstering my dining room chairs. That’s when I met Sarah.

She was totally cool, funny, helpful, amazingly talented, and down-to-earth. Wait — did I just describe myself? I kid. I kid.

Yadda yadda yadda…I’m now guest posting on her blog! Shut. Up. Delusions nurtured.

I know some of you have caught my previous guest posts, but I wanted to go ahead and share this one specifically because so many of you commented on my facebook question about accessorizing (or not) living room coffee tables. You guys are a riot, by the way. A few of your quotes even ended up in the final post! Just clickety click to head on over to the Storibook Designs blog for my post “Living with a Toddler in Your Living Room” and please leave a comment if you’ve got something to say. I definitely listen and respond!


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2 thoughts on “How I Nurture My Creative Delusions

  1. You are so sweet Michelle; I’m blushing! I’m so happy and grateful that you came in the showroom that day! It has been such fun to get to know you and have you contributing your point of view through your guest posts.

    thanks so much again, i’m touched and honored that you would write such a lovely note!!

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